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Has come to the end the Baltic pearl

Pierre Rishar has won a treasured prize

Magnificent ceremony in the Riga House of the congresses the third international actor`s film festival " has come to the end; the Baltic pearl . All five basic prize-winners are named. A special prize For the contribution to a world cinema Pierre Rishar is awarded. The farewell banquet with presence of the high-ranking state and not state persons, and also the most exotic dishes of European cuisine has been given at the Latvian stock exchange that once again has reminded: the big cinema was always close to the big capital.

the Baltic pearl has shown all signs of festival with the future: the honourable president - Dzhina Lollobridzhida big star; Impressive actor`s landing, since two fine ladies - Michel Merse and Ornelly Mutti - and finishing the whole star car from Moscow; the regular foreign jeweller with the mysterious past, the very important sponsor, persons on duty rolls - rojsy at hotel and etc. Where more appreciable absence, say, the program director as, however, and indispensable for serious festivals of high-grade film premieres, it was wholly compensated by generosity and indefatigability of organizers. Any day, any evening as a result have not gone to waste, any collective and individual wishes were satisfied: to whom is the closed night club to whom is the gay - a beach to whom is a meeting tet - and - tet with the abrupt banker... Discussion in a circle of the most visible producers (like Michel Sejdu and Zhoelja of Sopron) about advantage koproduktsii and privatisations has state film studios, as well as advancing French the prime minister at local cinemas of the American superhit Mission is impracticable Provided to new festival on - European civilised background. Though, certainly, it is not enough three years to make all by rules, but there is enough to feel taste to bright chaotic festival life and to manage to transfer to its another.
and chaotic cinema impressions were so motley also. In competition was only nine pictures and thus very different: from a sound Polish cinema like Kshishtofa Zanussi to the new searching Baltic cinema presented at once by several names. But, certainly, the prize has been for Best Actor awarded to Oleg Menshikov, a prize for the best actor`s debut - to Sergey Bodrov - younger. Presence in competition (in many respects thanking the SKIP - to a film) the Caucasian captive the obvious favourite of a film season, has predetermined a jury choice. Heroes of the festivities at rewarding ceremony were not, and, apparently, they even did not assume about so pleasant surprise. But on a scene, hardly constraining tears, the favourite of Latvians, good actress Inara of Slutsk has risen to win a prize for Best Actress in a film of Talivaldisa Margevicha with intricate, almost mystical plot Snake egg .
the Best man`s role of the second plan had been recognised work of Jozasa Budrajtisa in an existential picture of Lithuanian director Janchorasa I do not know, who I . And the best female - Svetlana Rjabovoj`s who have played at Ursuljaka in " work; Summer people (under the play Bitter Summer residents ) Missing from the ordinary of home life to the Barbarian.
Pierre Rishara`s arrival and safe delivery to him of an expensive nominal festival prize - " became the culmination of the Riga forum; For the contribution to a world cinema . Rishar looked quite satisfied and happy in spite of the fact that has lost as there are its heroes, the return ticket aboard the plane. And organizers also were happy - they had a chance to continue developing tradition: after all Dzhina Lollobridzhida, having received last year exactly same on sense (and costs) a prize, has agreed to become the president of present festival. Spectators were happy: they had an opportunity to see a new film with participation of their favourite - 1001 recipe of the enamoured cook Nani Dzhordzhadze. Were not so glad unless representatives sitting in a hall soon opening Film shock in which program also there is also an arrival of the eminent visitor, and viewing of its new film.