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Problems Krasnoyarsk airlines

the Private trip will be replaced with public court

Innocent desire of the journalist to fly in USA on World Cup on hockey has come across on technical problems the companies Krasnoyarsk airlines (KrasAir). Yesterday`s flight of the company to New York has been excellent, the ticket for a match was gone. In a situation similar to mine, there were many. And, having rowed, calmed down. I have decided to go further - to bring an action against the company and on pages regularly to share with all wishing details of this process.

Choosing between the airlines promising in an integrity and safety to deliver to New York, I, repent, has given in on advertising Krasnoyarsk airlines seriously offering high service at rather low prices. Ticket cost has really appeared below market prices However service to test and it was not possible: in the appointed day (and it is concrete - yesterday) on sheremetevskoj to customs me met only missing sluzhivyj, declared that flight is postponed for technical reasons . In the meantime in a building the Sheremetyevo - 2 box KrasAir was besieged already by crowd of the people, which majority, judging by conversations, representatives of Russian-speaking diaspora in New York (to Brighton - a scourge Krasnoyarsk citizens also were actively advertised) made. Girls behind a rack kept calmness, promising that any information (but not the plane) will appear in four hours. However, the pressure of the indignant travellers was so powerful that it is literally in some minutes from the beginning attacks some lucky beggars nevertheless have been set on flight Delta Air Lines. The remained crowd in searches though any information it is noisy it was rolled from a box to customs and back. On questions on hotel and other material benefits in damage compensation aviation ladies kept silent. Official representatives of the company reasonably did not appear. In premises of the Moscow representation of firm in hotel Aeroflot also was not not a soul, and the security guard on all questions sent in the same the Sheremetyevo - 2 .
So, the throw through ocean has not taken place. Representatives of airline Krasnoyarsk airlines I managed to find only by the evening. Introduced as the employee of the company Victor Shumanov has explained: own two planes of the company are under repair, therefore for my flight the company rented aeroflotovsky. However here what ill luck - and it, according to Shumanova, has failed at the last minute. So flight, appears, has been simply transferred for today, for 11 mornings. It is necessary to remind that under the law About protection of the rights of consumers For failure of the obligations admitted by the counterpart, responsibility before the consumers bears all - taki the manufacturer of services. Having remembered Winston Churchill`s expression advantages will not increase, if on it to come a foot I have decided to have legal proceedings. Article 28 of the aforementioned law says In case of infringement of target dates... Rendering of services the executor pays to the consumer in each hour the penalty at a rate of 3 % from the price of performance of work (service) . Well and article 15 guarantees also compensation of the mental cruelty caused to the consumer (as a rule, in cases similar to mine the average size of payments under this article makes 2 - 2,5 million roubles).
will keep the readers informed successions of events.