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Coca - Cola against PepsiCo

Change of the leader in limonadnom peletone

it was necessary to company Coca - Cola to declare an exit in leaders in the Russian market soft drinks as there and then with a reciprocal word its immemorial competitor - company PepsiCo has acted. No, this time any angry refutations has not followed, it is simple PepsiCo has decided to specify some details and to place points i.

Cut-throat competition between two oldest and largest manufacturers of soft drinks frequently accepts freakish enough forms. Can even sometimes seem that Coca - Cola and PepsiCo simply do not transfer each other. In journalistic circles tell, for example, such characteristic history: how - that one of heads PepsiCo have asked, whether there is it (for lack of alternative) to drink the cook - kolu if suddenly it will appear in boundless desert and will be parched with thirst? A few having thought, the high-ranking manager PepsiCo has told that, perhaps, will refrain.
in Russia competitive struggle of two companies has the specificity connected with different terms of occurrence in the market of their firm drinks. Pepsi - kola began to be on sale in the USSR in 1974: under the intergovernmental agreement the company delivered the concentrate to Novorossisk factory in exchange for Capital . In 80 - h pepsi it was already perceived as a habitual Soviet drink whereas the cook was on sale exclusively in Birches and Albatrosses also seemed attribute of the western way of life. Pioneer drink Coca - Cola in the USSR became Fanta: it have started to make in 1979. orange analogue under name Merinda PepsiCo has started to sell in the Union only in 1995.
both companies attentively trace actions of the competitor and scrupulously study its market share. Both PepsiCo, and Coca - Cola co-operate with the same international marketing agency to which give the data about the sales volumes in Russia. Absolute figures are not disclosed, but after their studying of the company publish market shares of the products in percentage terms.
therefore exit Coca - Cola in absolute leaders in Russia what the company has officially declared last week, hardly became a bolt from the blue for the competitor. Nevertheless PepsiCo has hastened to explain a current situation in a press.
the representative of the company has declared that PepsiCo on - former is in the lead with the big separation on sales volumes koly - the most prestigious and eminent class of soft drinks. Following the results of last fiscal year, PepsiCo supervised 46,6 % of the Russian market, whereas Coca - Cola only 26,8 %. However, in the lead positions of the contender on total amounts of sales in Russia PepsiCo does not challenge.
it is possible, at a top - managers PepsiCo during any moment were simply handed over by nerves. The matter is that this year has appeared not the most successful in the international expansion of firm. The company on - former receives the basic part of profit (70 %) from sales in the USA whereas Coca - Cola, on the contrary, 80 % of profit earn abroad. Friday number Wall Street Journal writes, in particular, about problems PepsiCo in Latin America. In Brazil the largest has failed bottler the companies (the local manufacturer and the distributor pepsi). And it is literally one week prior to the announcement of the leadership in Russia Coca - Cola has enticed partner PepsiCo in Venezuela. Failures pursue the company not only in Latin America: it has conceded leadership in a number of the countries of Asia, in the Eastern Europe as a whole, and now and in Russia.
however to speak about clear victory Coca - Cola in Russia early. It is obvious that in the near future PepsiCo will try to strengthen the positions in the market koly and to press Coca - Cola on orange a field. Hardly relations of two companies from it become warmer. But the paradox consists that Coca - Cola and PepsiCo are in great need in each other.
it is known that in cycling the basic group of racers prefers the distance most part to go peletonom, being built by a wheel in a wheel. Bicyclists serially head a column that the others could have a rest behind the back of the leader. And only on finish velopoezd it is scattered also favourites of race sort out relations in last jerk.
Coca - Cola and PepsiCo involuntarily use receptions from big-time sports. Serially leaving in leaders in various segments of the market, they thereby facilitate life to the contender, giving it possibility to adopt successful experience in area of a marketing policy, pricing or manufacture creation.