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the Power keeps silence

the Russian authorities with full indifference look at the wave of public discontent lifted by last tax decrees of the president. The Ministry of Finance already prepares the bill About modification and additions in separate laws of the Russian Federation on taxes which the government radically refuses system of tax privileges existing till now. They were meanwhile entered basically that investments into the Russian economy did not look full madness.

is more detailed about this bill writes on p. 3, and now we will pay attention only to one position of this document characterising a present tax policy far not from the best party. The government suggests the Duma to deprive of mass media of all privileges under the VAT and under the profit tax. Thereby the politicians who have won elections as if tell mass-media: Thanks, children, you are free .
Certainly, in the idea to cancellation of tax privileges anything seditious is not present. The authorities of a privilege of a distance, the privilege power try to take now back. Have, of course, the right. However it is indicative that these privileges shortly before elections and as affirmed, for three years have been given. Mass media, of course, will not die starvation (at least until the authorities spend an unpopular tax policy), but to cancel privileges before the expiration of the promised three years cynically and dishonourably.
the question, truth, in, whether will approve the bill the State Duma. The matter is that it covers the most different categories of tax bearers, and its acceptance can cause the mass discontent which all weight will lay down not on the government which has only formally introduced the bill in parliament, and on the deputies, which distances to it a start in life. In this respect the Duma always made politically correct decisions, preferring silent obscurity to ill fame. Unique difference of a present situation consists that to the Duma which has rejected the bill will be also is done justice by grateful mass media.
apparently, thanks can deserve and wished to remain not named representatives of Federal tax service who have declared that work on changes in statutory acts which follow from the decree About streamlining of gathering of surtax and insurance payments from physical persons experts FNS and the Ministry of Finance it will not be forced . According to one of experts, we now would like to postpone as much as possible on time acceptance of any new documents in this connection the decree . Such position is clear, as from the very beginning experts of tax service acted literally against all points of the decree prepared in Ministry of Economics About streamlining of gathering of surtax and insurance payments from physical persons . According to representative FNS, its department insisted, that the question of regulation of the taxation of profit of the organisations dared only by entering of amendments into the federal law About the profit tax .
This information, however, is informal. It was not possible to receive the official comment: in department of tax reforms of the Ministry of Finance to the correspondent have refused the comment, motivirovav it a position of the edition concerning a tax policy .