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the Russian government has let out the decision about measures of the state support of the Russian Open Society Norilsk nickel in development of the corresponding decree of the president. According to the decision, by preparation of offers on use in 1996 - 1997 of foreign credits allocation of the Russian Open Society of $200 million on purchase of the equipment for manufacture reequipment will be provided. Advance payments, repayment of the basic debt and percent on it, and also payment of the commission on the credit will carry out itself Norilsk nickel . The Russian Open Society is given for five years a delay of return of the credit which has been given out in 1994 for stabilisation of industrial activity and maintenance of timely delivery of cargoes. In the project of the federal budget for 1997 assignment for maintenance of seasonal delivery of production in Norilsk industrial region, on resettlement of the population and on granting of guarantees of the government under credits of the commercial banks which are given out " should be provided; to Norilsk nickel . Norilsk nickel together with ONEXIMBANK in a month should present to the offer government on re-structuring of debts of the Russian Open Society and its affiliated societies before budgets of all levels, off-budget funds, and also under the credits which have been given out in 1995 - 1996, and to develop actions for improvement financially - economic activities of the Russian Open Society and its affiliated societies.