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the President and secretary SB have congratulated the people of Kabardino - to Balkarii

Yesterday Boris Yeltsin has directed to president Kabardino - to Balkarii Valery Kokovu the congratulatory telegramme on the occasion of 75 - letija republic formations. As informs a press - service of the head of the state, Yeltsin in the message notices that today this North Caucasian republic is the full subject of the Russian Federation, one of advanced posts of political stability in region . According to the president, the contract on differentiation of subjects of conducting and powers between authorities of Russia and KBR has given ample opportunities for its independent development and simultaneously serves strengthening of the Russian federative state . Congratulations to participants of meeting in Nalchik on the occasion of 75 - letija formations of Kabardino - Balkarii were directed by the secretary of Security council Alexander Lebed. In the message it has expressed confidence that today at kind, active participation Kabardino - Balkarii last tragical page in relations between the power of Russia and the people of caucasus " is closed;.

Communists have changed tactics
the Russian communists, contrary to the promise to take a revenge on elections in local authorities for Gennady Zyuganov`s defeat on presidential election, have changed tactics and have expressed readiness to make a compromise with present administration. One of leaders It is national - the patriotic union of Russia, the chairman of movement the Spiritual heritage Alexey Podberezkin has declared yesterday that left in the conditions of the most severe crisis stake on professionalism . To the power in regions people with party membership cards, and those who can solve problems should come not. We are now wise enough to support them - he has declared. Thus Podberezkin has clearly let know that similar installation of opposition works on prospect having noticed that with the good governor who will choose local population, it will be necessary to co-operate . In the nearest plans left, in particular Podberezkin who is engaged, as he said, building of structures new association, - to create such constructive opposition which would have possibility of to protect . For this purpose it is necessary, in its opinion, participation left in political structures, money and mass-media . We do not want, that us the present government " operated; - he has specified, however has not excluded possibility of cooperation with it. There, where there is a place to the compromise with the power why would be not present? It only on advantage of Russia and opposition - Podberezkin has noticed.
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Elections of the mayor of Orenburg can be broken
Elections of the mayor of Orenburg, appointed to September, 8th, can be broken from - for inadmissible methods election campaign conducting by the present head goradministratsii Gennady Donkovtsevym. Such statement contains in the statement with which other two applicants for a post of the mayor have addressed yesterday in regional election committee. On a post of the mayor of Orenburg, besides Donkovtseva, the rector of the Orenburg polytechnical university Victor Bondarenko and the general director of joint-stock company " apply; transavtodorservis Gennady Chajka. Contenders of the present mayor as have informed in electoral committee, in the statement notice that in their address phone calls with threats, and local mass-media " constantly arrive; extend slanderous materials . Besides, candidates consider unreasonable the decision of Legislative Assembly of the Orenburg region which has transferred elections of the mayor of the regional centre since December for September. Meanwhile, according to sociological polls spent by local mass-media, the most real applicant for a victory on forthcoming elections the present head of administration of Orenburg Donkovtsev is.