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The Egyptian nights of the Moscow insurers

the Committee on tourism at the Moscow government begins accreditation strahovy
  the Egyptian nights of the Moscow insurers
the Committee on tourism at the Moscow government begins accreditation of the insurance companies. It is a question of intention to oblige travel agency to insure responsibility before tourists through the companies selected by authorities of the capital. Recent scandal with the Russian tourists in Egypt became an occasion for this purpose.

As already informed, in the beginning of November of 3,5 thousand Russian citizens have sold actually nonexistent numbers in the Egyptian hotels. As a result some tourists had to spend the night in buses. As have told in information service Banquo To the suffered tourists as compensation offered free excursions, cognac and sweets. And in certain cases - one more round to Egypt or Turkey. Dissatisfied with such indemnification it is necessary to address in judicial instances.
to receive monetary compensation for such rest it would be possible, if responsibility of tour operators has been insured. Conversations that such insurance is necessary for making obligatory, go about two years, but the corresponding federal law is not accepted till now. The Moscow authorities were caused to meet this lack - they are going to spend accreditation of the insurance companies at Committee on tourism of the capital government. It will be entrusted to accredited companies to insure all Moscow travel companies.
at first sight insurers can be glad only to such decision - after all at them the quantity of clients increases. But they have concerned it with irritation. In one of the companies it have characterised Imitation of rough activity and insurance of responsibility - the insurance of disorder of travel agencies . The discontent of insurers quite explainably - insurance of responsibility of travel agencies not too involves them. present only what us could expect payment for such mass scandal which was recently in Egypt! - have told in one of the large insurance companies. However not to pass accreditation short-sighted. After all the committee on tourism can recommend to work to the Moscow tour operators exclusively with the accredited companies, as a result not accredited possibility to sell going abroad also policies of medical insurance can lose. And this kind of business is much more attractive for insurers.
some companies have already received yesterday - while, truth, informally - the approximate list of requirements to insurers who can apply for work with the Moscow committee on tourism. And by December, 20th the structure of the interdepartmental commission, and also working group on insurance should be generated. Then the position project on accreditation of the companies will be developed. Will watch succession of events.