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to Evgenie Leonov these days 70 years

Domestic television would be executed celebrates this date display of films and performances with Leonov`s participation. Under different programs pictures " will be shown; the Main recess Thirty three Gentlemen of good luck performance the Prayer for the dead . Evgenie Pavlovich has died in the end of January, 1994, gathering for this performance in Lenkom . One of the best domestic films about war, the Belarus station in which Leonov has played a leading role, again has been shown the day before 70 - letija the actor in Moscow Dome Hanzhonkova.

Every twentieth publishing house of Russia will arrive on fair
In Moscow in All-Russia Exhibition Centre territory today II Russian international book fair opens. About 500 publishing houses has declared the desire to participate in it, despite the evolved prices. The small stand managed this year in $1 thousand, hardly it is more - in $2,5 - 3 thousand So visitors will miss not only scientists publishing houses like Ad marginem to which should be economical, but also such appreciable participants of the modern market, as the Moscow worker (in previous years both publishing houses worked at fair). The Same who participate, have prepared the big program first of all for visitors from street . So, at stands Vagrius will sign the books Yury Luzhkov, Galina ShCherbakova and Michael Kazakov (whose the Actor`s world left more recently). For the first time so are plentifully presented multimedia. And a compact - a disk now let out or simultaneously with the book ( Euro - " address; Presents today the next telephone directory of Moscow at once in printing and electronic variants), or after it: under the licence the Big Russian encyclopaedia there was a compact - its disk one-volume the Illustrated encyclopaedic dictionary . It is enriched by new illustrations, and to sell it gather at the dumping price - about $7. Unlike last years, Moscow is now uninviting for the western publishers. However, there have arrived Frenchmen: traditionally much selling in Russia Gallimard in person Ani Shevale, and also young, but aggressive publishing house Booking international in the name of Pierre Toromanova. Thanks to diligence of the last in Russian last year there were first albums of publishing house Scira. On 2 thousand sold copies (from printed five) - comprehensible result for Europe, but not for Russia. Nevertheless Frenchmen do not lose hopes of our market, and the export managers have sent the same Gallimard and Larousse. It is indicative that all publishers are presented not on own, and at the collective, national stand - France edition. When the similar occurs in Frankfurt, it is possible to speak about financial difficulties of the country - the visitor. When in Russia - about level of fair which in many respects reflects a situation in the market as a whole. More in detail we will tell about it tomorrow.
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to Nikita Mikhalkov have handed over Gran - at Americas
the Special prize Gran - at Americas it is awarded for the exclusive contribution to art of the film on the come to the end International film festival in Montreal Nikita Mikhalkov. Work of Russian director Sergey Gazarova meanwhile has not entered into number of prize-winners the Auditor in which Mikhalkov has played one of leading roles - the Governor of a town. Traditional Gran - at Americas this year it is awarded to a film At girls it differently English director Richard Spensa.

Russian library has opened in Stockholm
Distribution of Russian and culture to Sweden - such is the main task of Russian library of a name of Lev Tolstoi which opening has taken place one of these days in the Swedish capital. Approximately one thousand books is presented to library by the Swedish private persons and about 10 thousand volumes - private persons and libraries of St.-Petersburg, including library of a name of Mayakovsky.