Rus News Journal

The market of corporate securities

Activity of investors at the yesterday`s auctions by corporate securities was the lowest. Orders from foreign funds practically did not arrive, so the desire to go a bull at the Russian brokers absolutely was absent. Thus at some broker companies, tired to wait for the autumn lifting of quotations promised by much analysts, nerves have started to hand over, and they began to sell the share holdings. As a result the volume of the auctions in RTS has made by 16 o`clock almost $10 million that approximately in one and a half time exceeds a turn at 16 o`clock on Monday.
the most dynamical trade was conducted with joint-stock company securities Mosenergo : the turn has made by 16 o`clock over $6 million Good liquidity of these actions (a spread on them hardly exceeds 0,3 %) did their very attractive to brokers, especially at short-term activization of trade in the market when it is not enough for removal of profit of time and slabolikvidnye actions often simply have not time to sell. And by 16 o`clock stock quotes Mosenergo have raised on 1,6 %.
Demand for LUKOIL actions could not compensate the raised offer of these papers, and by 16 o`clock quotations have gone down on 1,2 % at a turn over $440 thousand Similar situation was observed and in the joint-stock company share market Surgutneftegaz . At volume of the auctions over $900 thousand quotation of securities of oil holding have gone down on 1,1 %.
the Average rate of actions of the Russian Open Society Gazprom yesterday by 16 o`clock has been fixed on a mark of 33,9 cents that almost on 40 % below an average rate on Monday. So strong fall of quotations, probably, is connected with an essential overheat of the share market of this emitter in July and August.
as the analyst of the company " considers; the Prospectus Yury Agaronik, the period of slow sliding downwards share prices of the majority of emitters, on - visible, will proceed about one week. The main reason of fall - absence of foreign investments.