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They still will do some fighting

last week again the conflict between investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation (SKP) and the State Office of Public Prosecutor has become aggravated. The parties have exchanged at once several telling blows.
the first the consequence has gone to approach. On Monday it became known that SKP has released under a subscription about nevyezde two of nine murders of an observer accused of the organisation the New newspaper Annas Politkovsky - the native of the Chechen Republic Magomeda Demelhanova and the former militiaman Dmitry Grachev. Business on personal control is held by public prosecutor Yury Chajka who in August of last year declared disclosing of a crime and arrest of suspects. It is no wonder that in the State Office of Public Prosecutor have immediately declared disagreement with clearing accused and have promised to check up legality of actions SKP: Demelhanov and Grachev have been let out from a pre-trial detention centre in infringement of the established order - without notice the public prosecutor.

the same day SKP has appointed head of investigatory management of Moscow the former assistant to the public prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area Anatoly Bagmeta. Last December the Seagull with scandal has dismissed it for falsification of documents at reception of a rank of the senior lecturer in Chelyabinsk a state university. Bagmet through the Tver court of Moscow has proved that documents did not forge, and it was restored on service, truth, has soon retired.

then on Tuesday it became known that Vladimir Loskutov, the inspector on the case of the furniture contraband, known as business Three whales it is discharged of investigation in connection with transfer into a post of a deputy head of investigatory management across Leningrad region. In SKP officially named it increase. Lawyers of defendants, on the contrary, have considered transfer by honourable resignation, having specified that Loskutovym supervised from the State Office of Public Prosecutor, it has not reached special successes in investigation, from - for what has been removed management SKP from a sensational case.

on Wednesday the initiative has passed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Head SKP Alexander Bastrykin has been compelled to dismiss three colleagues of the former head of the main investigatory management of committee of Dmitry Dovgija who was considered as its especially entrusted person and the personal protege. Dovgy has lost a post in the end of April after two inspectors on especially important issues of SKP Zigmund Lozhis and Sergey Tchernyshov have written the letter in which have accused the head and a number of its subordinates of corruption and official abusings to Presidential Administration. In particular, under the statement of authors of the statement, he offered the chairman of the board of bank the Trust to Oleg Koljade accused of plunder in 2005 460 million of rbl. at Tomskneft to leave a pre-trial detention centre on the security. Check has confirmed this fact, and Bastrykinu should to Dovgija be dismissed. Its first deputy Alexey Novikov, the chief of department of a central board Sergey Gluhih and the inspector on especially important issues Yury Ermakov has been sent in resignation for the same reasons. It is considered that Lozhis and Tchernyshov operated not independently, and in interests of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

and at last, on Thursday Yury Chajka on a press - conferences in Minsk has not simply declared that in Russia it is necessary to create uniform investigatory committee which would unite investigating bodies of all power structures (he spoke about it and earlier), and has underlined that insists on it. Alexander Bastrykin always adhered to the opposite point of view.

last week has once again confirmed, how much serious conflict exists between SKP and the State Office of Public Prosecutor. It is remarkable that the new coil of opposition has happened right after how it became clear that last shifts in the authorities Bastrykina and the Seagull do not mention. Having convinced of it, agents of national security with even big eagerness have advanced to the attack against each other.