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The Penza hermits have left a refuge

Last of left in November, 2007 in specially equipped cave in the Penza region orthodox sectarians left on a surface. To stop solitary life in expectation of a doomsday it it was necessary from - for poisonings of air with ptomaine of remains of two died in a cave still five months ago women. Till today underground there were nine persons from originally taken cover 35 in a refuge.
hermits have left a cave after rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and law enforcement officers have led exhumation of bodies of two hermits who have died underground one of which, the townswoman Blagoveshchensk, has died of oncological disease, and another, the inhabitant of Belarus, - from - for a rigid post that is full refusal of water and food for religious reasons.

we have felt a smell through exhaust apertures. In conversation with us one of hermits Vasily Prokofiev has confirmed that the reason that in a cave there are two persons who have died more five months ago. When experts got bodies of the died hermits, the rest have suggested to leave. They have agreed the head of Bekovosky area of the Penza region Vladimir Provorotov has declared.

on April, 9th one of leaders of sectarians has informed on death of two of 11 remained in a cave Valery Nedogon to the authorities. Thus he has declared that there is one detail which very much disturbs us: the authorities why - that it hide also to us do not order to say that during our stay underground has died two persons - he has declared. Valery Nedogon has informed that women have been buried in a vault.

then the Penza authorities were sceptical about the statement of Nedogona. While the fact of death of women will not be established, and it will occur not earlier, than all hermits will leave a cave, we will consider that in a cave there are 11 persons - have declared in a press - service of the regional government, having added that the authorities have done the utmost to avoid victims .

we Will remind, sectarians were intend to remain underground till May, 28th when, in their opinion, there should be a doomsday. On March, 25th, when sectarians have tried to entice from - under the earths, they have opened fire on militiamen. People threatened to burn themselves if them will try to get violently at any cost. The cave in which they sit, could fall under the influence of flood waters, therefore on April, 1st the majority of fanatics have passed to the house of the leader of sect of Peter Kuznetsova being nearby.

on April, 2nd Peter Kuznetsov has been found in a court yard of the house with the broken skull and hospitalised in a critical condition. Later, according to managing the branch of resuscitation of the Penza regional hospital of Andrey Progressova, to it had been made cranial trepanation and the hematoma is removed. it is in superficial - a brain coma, and I cannot do forecasts concerning its recover - has underlined Progresses.

concerning Peter Kuznetsova criminal case on p.1 item 239 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" is brought; the organisation of the association encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens ) and p.1 item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( hatred excitation to religious signs ).