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Riddles from Tepluhina

the President of a management company the Three Dialogue Pavel Tepluhin has written the first book. It is written well, even, probably, too. But about what this book, remains a riddle.

It seems that one of founders Three Dialogue and it was not defined with a genre. Also that you will read - not clearly. Whether the grant for the future millionaires (on it it is transparent hint the subtitle and the summary), whether the autobiography, whether a thought about destiny of Russia.

the book as a management for those who wants to become the millionaire Begins: the reasonings resulted in the preface on types of selectors of riches, on a family role on a way to the big money are interesting enough. But on it the grant to Become the millionaire: learn as sharply breaks. From the book even it is difficult to understand, when and as the author taki has earned first million (the answer we have found - look more low).

Further the genre sharply changes - before us already the autobiography. We learn, what problem was solved by Pavel Tepluhin, arriving on ekonomfak the Moscow State University and why it was challenge. As Tepluhin began career of the scientist - the economist and in parallel commercial experience as the adviser gained. As studied at the London business school and worked in a command preparing privatisation. As well as Egor Gaydar, Pavel Tepluhin considers that about reformers during later time many myths have been created. As well as Gaydar in the book empire Wreck Tepluhin discredits them. It, for example, proves that voucher privatisation was the right decision. The government has admitted only one, but a serious error - has not explained value of vouchers to the population, therefore many have bargained them away.

but also the autobiography sharply breaks. Further there are also reflexions about a club role - 2015 which wrote scenarios of development of Russia after crash of 1998, and about essence of pension reform and the reasons of its present failure (the powerful contender in the government), about present model of business Three Dialogue (that matrix from the name). The book is written well, economic, even, perhaps, secondary education it is not necessary.

But about what all - taki the author to the reader wanted to tell to understand difficultly enough: too much he has wanted to get mixed up in the product. And who this reader who and the millionaire wants to become, and about difficulties of privatisation with identical interest will read? For the autobiography in the book there is not enough Pavel Tepluhina, for the grant from a category How to earn one million it is not enough councils, and for reflexions about destiny of reforms and Russia or about an essence of investment business there is not enough place: the book - that small.

But after some difficulties the genre all - taki has been defined. It is the collection of tests.

the book is full of riddles. Here, for example, the first: how the problem which the author solved four hours at examinations in the Moscow State University dares? It really very interesting. It is hidden in the book and the test for knowledge of the newest economic history of Russia. It appears that Vladimir Mau, the rector of Academy of national economy to whom Pavel Tepluhin has given the book on reviewing, has found in it some errors, events concerning dating (after all a speciality of Mau just economic history ) But, by Pavel Tepluhina`s recognition, them had not time to correct.

and the most important thing: when the author has earned first million? The obvious answer in the book is not present, but we know it. Author has earned first million, when the Three as well as all financial companies of that time, bought up vouchers and by the gross sold to the customers. Then all so earned. Here and the answer: to become the millionaire, watch errors of the government and lacks of laws. In Russia it for a long time already the reliable and checked up way to become the millionaire.

Matritsa Tepluhina: before and after first million
Tepluhin P
M: nuclear heating plant/ Astrel, 2008
Cover/ 190 with.