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The builder will sit down on a path

the Owner of Open Company Trust the First and Open Society Rybinskkabel Sergey Prokhorov intends to be engaged in road building in Perm, investments into the project can sostavit100-150 million rbl. the Road project of mister Prokhorov the former general director " can head; Permavtodora Nikolay Ratner. Of the mayoralty of Perm are assured that the new company of a place in the market will suffice, if it construct roads qualitatively. Participants of the market consider that it is not enough declared volume of investments into the project to make it a competition. As businessman Sergey Prokhorov has told , it is going to found the company on road building. To be engaged in a construction of roads in 20 times is easier, than habitation, - the businessman has explained the intention, - and we are able to build habitation . He intends to invest 100-150 million rbl. in purchase of technics and building asfaltobetonnogo factory. Who from its command will be engaged in the project, Sergey Prokhorov has not specified. It is not excluded that the company will be headed by the former general director Permavtodora Nikolay Ratner who after privatisation has left the company last year, having conceded a management post to the former chief of a municipal government of an external accomplishment Anatoly Dashkevich. Mister Ratner, it is necessary to note, recently has been selected as the independent director in council Rybinskkabelja .

the Basic player in the regional market of a construction of roads is Open Society Permdorstroj . By estimations of the company, Open Society occupies to 40 % of the market. Volumes of road building in the Perm edge last year have grown three times in comparison with 2006. So, in 2007 in region 70 km of new highways for which building it has been spent 7,4 mlrd rbl. In 2008 the provincial authorities have been constructed plan to keep volumes kapstroitelstva. On these purposes in the budget it is provided 6,99 mlrd rbl. According to the director kommanditnogo associations Perm DPMK Michael Truhina, high rates of a construction of roads will remain in region the next five years, and then the road companies will concentrate on their repair and service.

Zamglavy of administration of Perm Alexey Hrapkov supervising road building, is assured that in the conditions of market growth kapstroitelstva the new player without work does not remain. From financing volume this year in 1,1 mlrd rbl. by us it is held competitions only on 350 million rbl., and the next year development of the similar sum is planned, - the official speaks. - there there will be such large objects, as reconstruction of streets of Heroes of Hasana, Chernyshevsky, Krisanova . At the same time for success of the project of mister Prokhorov, in opinion zamglavy, qualitative work is required. If the project Nikolay Ratner heads, that, according to the official, it will be good. He/she is the competent expert - mister Hrapkov considers.

At the same time dorozhniki predict to Sergey Prokhorov a number of difficulties. it is technically possible to buy everything, everything, but the qualified labour in region now does not suffice, - mister Truhin from PDMK speaks. - Workers should be enticed from other organisations at the expense of a high salary and various privileges, and for it too money " is necessary;. He also has noticed that for road building experience is necessary, and it appears not at once.

the volume of investments Declared by mister Prokhorov in the project dorozhniki consider insufficient to make a serious competition to existing players. to construct normal asfaltobetonnyj factory, it is necessary for 50-70 million rbl., - mister Truhin argues, - and at factory there should be qualified operators and certified spetslaboratorija. Besides, the machine park which is necessary for serving and repairing " is necessary; . He believes that at first Sergey Prokhorov`s company can work only on small orders. The general director of Open Society Permavtodor Anatoly Dashkevich says that at sufficient financing the company of mister Prokhorov can be fixed in the market. However the expert has noticed that for the answer to such question it is necessary to understand, in what particularly segment of the market it plans to work and in what scales .
Maxim Strugov