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the Khakass militiaman starves in SIZONachalnik department of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Khakassia colonel Vladimir Lesovoj declared termless hunger-strike in the Abakan pre-trial detention centre 19/ 2. On it yesterday have informed in Khakass management of Federal Agency of execution of punishments. According to the lawyer of Mr. Lesovogo Peter Lysenko, its client starves in protest at its premise in a pre-trial detention centre. “ my client very badly feels. But the court nevertheless has decided to place it in a pre-trial detention centre. To the person, suffering hypertensive illness, simply not to survive in the conclusion without medicines and supervision of doctors. Therefore my client also has gone on hunger strike “ - Peter Lysenko has told. We will remind, on May, 7th accusations on ch have been brought to the 54-year-old colonel of militia. 4 items 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Sale of drugs in especially large size “ the maximum punishment - imprisonment within 10 years) and p.1 item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Abusing powers of office “ The maximum punishment - imprisonment within four years). According to investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Republic Khakassia, in 2003 Vladimir Lesovoj “ promoted disappearance of a large consignment of drugs “ - 1 kg of hashish which should be used as a material evidence in court.
Nonna Goncharenko, Krasnoyarsk

to Find out the nationalist has helped sluchajv to the Kemerovo region it is detained suspected of kindling of international enmity on the Internet. Under the version of the investigation, since June 2006 till February, 2008 the 38-year-old unemployed living in Novokuznetsk area, placed articles calling for destruction of representatives of the Jewish nation on Internet sites. Propaganda activity of the user has drawn attention of law enforcement bodies of Kuzbas, however to calculate the malefactor long it was not possible. The case has helped. In Gorno-Altaisk (Republic Altai) by security guards the man has been detained, trying to get into a building of the state meeting - el kurultaja. During personal inspection leaflets of the Antisemitic maintenance have been found out in it. The similar literature has been withdrawn in its house at station Erunakovo of Novokuznetsk area of Kuzbas. Preliminary expert examination has established that materials which have been placed on the Internet, and the leaflets withdrawn on Altai, have been prepared by the same person. Criminal case is raised on p.1 item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Excitation national, racial and religious hostility “) .
Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk

the Car mechanician has prevented custom-made ubijstvosledstvennoe management of investigatory committee (SOU SK) at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Krasnoyarsk region has begun investigation upon attempt at life of the 48-year-old local businessman, the owner of a network of cafe. According to the senior assistant administrator of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Krasnoyarsk region of Olga Shamansky, under the car of the businessman of Mazda Bongo unknown persons have fixed two fighting grenades ะรฤ-5. “ Pomegranates with an extension, attached to the car bottom, were found out by the car mechanician when the businessman has arrived to a repair truck. He has complained that under a cowl something knocks. Employees of car-care centre have caused militia and vzryvotehnika which has established that pomegranates fighting “ - Olga Shamansky has explained. To Name the businessman it has refused “ in the interests of the investigation “. According to the Mrs. Shamansky, a legal investigation on the item “ e “ ch. 2 items 105 criminal codes of Russian Federation (“ Attempt at murder obshcheopasnym in the way “ provides punishment till 20 years of imprisonment or the life imprisonment) will last two months.
Nonna Goncharenko, Krasnoyarsk