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SK Rest has left Krasnoyarsk ice

the Building company of Open Company SK Rest (Moscow) declared rupture of the contract with administration of Krasnoyarsk region on building of an ice palace. Builders explain the actions by that it is not enough 400 million rbl. allocated for the project for its realisation. The customer of building - the regional administration does not intend to demand contract execution in court, however against change of the contractor deputies of Legislative Assembly of edge have acted. That the Moscow building company of Open Company SK Rest has terminated the contract on building of an ice palace in Krasnoyarsk, the head of agency of building and housing and communal services Evgenie Diev has informed past Thursday at session of committee of Legislative Assembly on public health services, sports and tourism. As he said, the contract signed in September, 2006 with the general contractor - the Moscow company of Open Company SK Rest it is terminated on an insisting of the contractor. They assert that for 400 million rbl. which there have been put to construct a palace it is impossible. Cost of materials has increased, and the contractor cannot build - mister Diev has explained.
the Administration does not intend to force the contractor to contract execution through court. it will occupy too time wide interval, probably, more year because contract conditions have been not so successfully made. We cannot build all this time. They have refused, but not to shoot them now. The company has simply proved the incompetence. We should expel careless and begin process anew. I hope that this time someone from local builders will take part - Evgenie Diev has underlined. Thus he recognised that in case of carrying out of new competition on definition of the contractor the contract sum can increase. Also he has informed that the planned termination dates of building can increase for a year - till autumn of 2009.
the Statement of mister Dieva has caused the sharp criticism from deputies. The chairman of committee of Legislative Assembly on public health services, sports and tourism Sergey Natarov (LDPR) has urged to place this point in question for consideration region parliament. I do not see the reasons on which the contract is broken off. As far as I know, any problems in building at the present contractor was not till today. Neither in terms, nor at a rate of development. New competition means that building will be tightened for years, and is absolutely not clear now, whether the object " will be handed over; - mister Natarov was indignant. Its offer in detail to study a situation with palace building at the nearest session of Legislative Assembly which will pass on May, 22nd, have supported the majority of committee-men.
it is remarkable that else in September, 2006, at the moment of contract signing on building of an ice palace, the director SK Rest Alexander Suvorov named the sum of 400 million rbl. absolutely real . Thus he has underlined that usually in the contract (between the company and regional administration. - ) penal sanctions in case of non-observance of terms of performance of works " make a reservation;. But, to sustain the declared terms, there will be no only efforts of the building company, is necessary also the help of region in carrying out of all necessary coordination and other moments - mister Suvorov has specified. Yesterday in Open Company SK Rest have refused to make comments on a situation with contract rupture on palace building, having referred that all management is on under construction objects .
Participants of the Krasnoyarsk building market do not see anything surprising that the Moscow company has refused the contract. the contract has been signed two years ago. Lately the prices for the basic building materials - a brick, cement - have grown exactly twice, metal has even more sharply risen in price. It is obvious that competition should be spent anew, with the specified technical project and the new sum of the contract - the general director of Open Company " believes; the Regional developer company (Krasnoyarsk) Oleg Shitikov. From the sources close to regional administration, it became known that interest in building and developmente an ice palace repeatedly was shown by the Moscow company Rosevrodevelopment (in April has opened in Krasnoyarsk of Broadcasting Company the Planet ) . the Regional administration has very well worked well together with this company and, seemingly, specially achieved rupture of the contract with SK Rest to give successively to closer structure - has noted a source. Yesterday in Open Company press-service Rosevrodevelopment have confirmed that the company is ready to start building in Krasnoyarsk at once several large sports objects, especially if regional administration support " is rendered;.
According to the head of agency of building and Evgenie Dieva`s housing and communal services, new competition on erection of an ice palace in Krasnoyarsk will be already declared in a week - on May, 23rd.
Anton Andreev, Krasnoyarsk