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“ Footwear of Russia “ will share signboards

As it became known „“, a group of companies “ Footwear of Russia “ (OR) is going to start this year own franchajzingovuju the program. Participants of the market notice that the company “ Vestfalika “ (which assignee is OR) already tried to work through system of partner shops, but has been compelled to curtail this program. In OR, however, assert that know how to avoid last errors. Intentions of a group of companies “ Footwear of Russia “ to renew franchajzingovuju the program „“ yesterday the head and the owner of the company Anton Titov has confirmed. As he said, the wholesale partners OR trading in footwear under marks of the company in own shops became initiators of renewal of the program. The scale purposes on network development franchajzingovyh shops the head “ Footwear of Russia “ Yet does not put - to it quite enough if in partner shops it will be simple to be on sale that footwear which is bought today from its company by wholesale clients. According to Anton Titov, the wholesale makes 20-25 % from total amounts of sales of the company. Thus the interested person will receive the franchise brands of one of three networks OR - " are presented on a choice; Vestfalika “ “ Factory of footwear “Pedestrian“ “ and Emilia Estra - with corresponding replacement of a signboard and delivery of the firm trading equipment. Financial conditions of the franchise mister Titov could not name, having explained that they are not confirmed yet definitively.
participants of the market notice that for Anton Titov`s company it not the first attempt to create a network of partner shops under the mark. From the end of 1990th years the shoe company “ Vestfalika “ (On which base has then arisen OR) gave the right to work under mark shops buying its footwear - all was opened about hundred such shops. However, as mister Titov recognised, experience has appeared not too successful. Partners quite often bought the most part of assortment from other suppliers, using for this means which they accumulated thanks to the commodity credits given “ Vestfalikoj “.
As a result the partner network has been curtailed - the part of shops has been redeemed subsequently OR, the part began to work independently. And itself “ Footwear of Russia “ has concentrated on development of own network.
a group of companies “ Footwear of Russia “ it is based in 2003. Now it is represented by retail networks “ Vestfalika “ (a monobrand srednetsenovogo a segment), “ Factory of footwear “Pedestrian“ “ (diskaunter) and srednedorogoj format Emilia Estra, and also shoe manufacture. In total it is opened about 100 shops in 27 big cities of Russia, including in Moscow. Goods turnover “ Footwear of Russia “ in 2007 has exceeded 1,2 mlrd rbl., the plan for 2008 - 1,8 mlrd rbl. the Basic owner Anton Titov. Anton Titov recognises that right granting to work under the mark bears certain risks, that will be possible to avoid them this time however hopes. “ the basic our error was that “ Vestfalika “ could not offer partners of all assortimentnoj a ruler that initially created at franchajzi necessity to do purchase still somewhere. Our requirements to assortment " were not so strict also; - head OR recognises. Today, under statements of mister Titov, OR not only it is capable to provide deliveries of footwear of all seasons, but also offers the accompanying goods under the mark - for example, means on care of footwear.
a franchise today actively try to use for development and others shoe ritejlery region. So, at the company “ Rossita “ partner shops are opened both under the basic mark, and in frameworks monobrendovogo project Lisette. Own franchajzingovuju the program is developed also by the largest beyond Ural Mountains shoe ritejler “ Monroe “. According to the chief of department of a franchise of the State Customs Committee “ Monroe “ Denis Guselnikova, at its company five partners (four of them have already opened the first shops under this mark). Denis Guselnikov recognises that work with franchajzi not always goes smoothly, however notices that as a whole the companies and partners are happy with results of cooperation. “ Monroe “ Demands from the franchajzi not to buy the goods on the party (except those commodity categories, in which at “ Monroe “ there are no trade marks and contract manufacture).
it is definitive conditions of cooperation with potential franchajzi in “ Footwear of Russia “ it is supposed to present in July-August of this year.
Stanislav Sokolov, Novosibirsk