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“ Spartaku “ will return the earth

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region intend to achieve excitation of criminal case concerning officials of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk for illegal sale of the company of Open Company “ sportinvest “ the ground area in 3,5 hectares near sport centre “ Spartak “ for 22 million rbl. Earlier the transaction illegal recognised the Central court of Novosibirsk. The mayor of the regional centre Vladimir Gorodetsky has already hastened to declare that goradministratsija is interested in careful investigation of this business and return of a site to the municipal property. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region has directed to regional investigatory management of investigatory committee (SOU SK) at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation materials of check of legality of the order officials of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk the ground area under a sports complex “ Spartak “ also demands to file criminal charges. Public prosecutors have established that the decision Ή10010-r from December, 13th, 2006 of the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky a site under sport centre “ Spartak “ has been divided into two. Later one of sites has been sold to commercial structure - Open Company “ sportinvest “. Earlier the Office of Public Prosecutor in court could achieve a recognition of the decision of the mayor illegal, and the contract of purchase and sale of the ground area the void.
as already informed „“, recently the steadfast attention of the public in this object was involved with deputies of the City Council. In the end of 2007 at the initiative of deputy Valery Naumenko the working group which has begun finding-out of circumstances of reduction of a share of actions of municipality with 50 % to 43 % in Open Society " has been created; Stadium “Ροΰπςΰκ“ “. The mayoralty and regional federation of trade unions were proprietors of stadium on an equal footing. In the end of 2003 by shareholders the strategic investor - Joint-Stock Company " has been involved; Chkalovets-Sportinvest “ affilirovannoe from Joint-Stock Company “ Group “February“ “ (the coal trader). Local businessman Vadim Danilov owns both companies. Soon federation of trade unions, without having suggested to make mayoralty purchase, has sold Joint-Stock Company actions “ Chkalovets-Sportinvest “. As a result of spent after dopemissii “ Chkalovets-Sportinvest “ has received control over 57 % of actions in Open Society “ Stadium “Ροΰπςΰκ“ “. In May, 2006 this package has redeemed Open Company “ the World “ “ a daughter “ groups RATM. And soon the group has declared intention to realise on stadium territory large developer project in cost ˆ53 million - to construct a multipurpose sports-entertaining-trading complex under name Business city a total area of 275 thousand in sq. m, and also to carry out reconstruction of the stadium. However plans have not received these developments. Now, according to deputy Valery Naumenko to restore a mayoralty share in it joint-stock company it is possible only by new dopemissii. “ the Working group intends to place this question for consideration one of the nearest sessions “ - he has informed.
in the beginning of 2008 the same deputy group has revealed one more infringement - illegal sale of a site of territory of stadium. “ 3,5 hectares of the earth have been sold for nothing - “ in total “ for 22 million rbl. at real cost about 500 million rbl. “ - Alexander Ljulko has noticed then the head of the commission on the municipal property of the City Council. Yesterday he has declared „“ that is satisfied by the judgement which has cancelled the illegal transaction. In Open Company “ RATM-development “ comments have refused, having referred to absence of the general director of Natalia Torshinoj in connection with official journey.
yesterday the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky, making comments on a judgement, has declared to journalists that the mayoralty is interested in careful investigation of this business and return of the sold land illegally in the municipal property.
In the press-service of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation have informed yesterday that “ the decision of a question on criminal prosecution will be accepted within ten days on termination of check “.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk