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Barbara Kruger: I do not aspire to sell correct understanding of things

At opening of an exhibition Barbara KRUGER have answered IRINA`S questions - KULIK.
- Why in work which you represent in Moscow, 12 characters?

- In this case this number does not bear any symbolical loading. It has turned out almost casually: 12 characters, plots, each of which last 12 minutes. My work - how we concern to each other, about that anger and passions which penetrate all layers of an everyday life, whether it be relations between lovers, colleagues or schoolmates.

- you work for the first time with professional actors?

- Is not present. I have removed the first game video in 1997, it was called Pleasure, Pain, Desire, Disgust ( Pleasure, a pain, desire, disgust . - ). And even earlier I worked with actors when removed plots about household violence for MTV.

- In your early works were used only it is black - white pictures and it is red - it is black - the white inscriptions reminding an aesthetics 1920 - h years - Alexander Rodchenko or John Hartfilda`s posters. Why you have addressed to video, whether not therefore, what the modern spectator reacts already only to a moving picture and words have lost the power over consciousness?

- When I began the career of the artist, I did not know neither about Rodchenko, nor about Hartfilde. The child I, apparently, never was in a museum, my childhood has passed in front of the TV, instead of behind examining is black - white photos. In the beginning I was affected by not so much fine arts, how many independent cinema: films of Shantal Akkerman, Rajnera Fassbindera, Sam Fuller, and as stylistics nju - jorkskih tabloids. I have begun with collages from is black - white photos simply therefore, it was the most accessible. I worked with newspaper pictures, and newspapers then yet were not colour, besides the colour press at that time was too expensive for me, not to mention such expensive art forms in manufacture, as videoart or installations. We in America do not have state grants for artists - only private, and it is a little of those. Now video became one of the means most accessible and convenient in circulation so why me it not to use. Eventually, for me the message, instead of its what means to inform is important. Besides availability of technics became one of problems of our time: people are not able to perceive any more a reality, without removing it on the chamber.

- about you usually write that your works are under construction on advertising receptions. You expose these receptions or use in the purposes?

- All my works - about the power, including about relations of the power and the force, penetrating our everyday life. A problem not in advertising, it would be too easy. Advertising is only one of methods with which the power imposes us the representations about the world, along with many other systems: from formation and public health services to prisons and the government. And even when we speak about the most painful problems of our society - interracial conflicts, equality of women, we continue to stay in the power of the stereotypes erasing all distinctions. We solve problems not real women, and the certain average woman created again - taki weights - media, not original representatives of various races, but again - taki those stereotypic colour which exist in mass consciousness. It is no wonder that we and cannot find any decisions. I try to sow in consciousness of the spectator of doubt, to force it to ask myself questions, but I do not have answers, and unlike advertising I do not aspire to sell correct understanding of things.