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The runner from the big path

Eks - the world record-holder in run on 100 m of Tim of Montgomery is sentenced to three years and ten months of imprisonment for swindle with banker`s checks. Montgomery has received term after the civil spouse also well-known begunej Merion Johns, sentenced to six months for a summer residence of false testimonies. But also it not the history end. Today in the USA process concerning the known trainer Trevora Grema accused of distribution of a dope begins. It worked in due time both from Montgomery, and with Johns, and with a number of other athletes.
to court Tima of Montgomery have brought from prison where have placed for the period of another matter investigation on which it passes the figurant. The sportsman is suspected that was a part of the organised group extending heroin. In the same time case on participation eks - the world record-holder on 100 - metrovke was considered (in 2002 of Montgomery has shown result 9,78 seconds Which has been cancelled, after the sprinter has been convicted of the dope use) in the criminal group which was engaged in a fake of banker`s checks. The consequence managed to prove that Montgomery has in total cashed or tried to cash checks for the sum $775 thousand All criminal group which included Montgomery, tried to steal more than $5 million Proof were conclusive, and Montgomery last year has pled guilty, expecting to receive indulgence.

however judge Kenneth Karas has considered that softening circumstances in business are not present. According to judge Karasa who have sentenced Tima of Montgomery to the maximum term on such affairs - to three years and ten months of prison, the sportsman cannot count on indulgence, as the actions has threatened not only, but also members of the family, namely the former civil spouse Merion Johns (the pair has a general child), on Games in Sydney won five medals, three of them gold. Johns has come into the view of the inspectors working over business of Montgomery when has tried to cash the false check for $25 thousand By the way, itself Merion Johns now leaves six-monthly term. To it it have sentenced that she repeatedly lay to the agents of FBI investigating its participation in distribution of a dope. The consequence managed to prove that Merion Johns and itself used the forbidden substances, and of it have deprived of all awards won in Sydney.

It is remarkable that Tim of Montgomery can become far not last American athlete who had to face troubles with the law. Today in the USA starts one more process in which Trevor Grem in due time working with many well-known American sportsmen, including Montgomery and Johns is accused. Network creation on dope distribution is incriminated to mister Gremu. Its business is a direct consequence of loud history round laboratory BALCO. We will remind that in 2003 it was found out that experts of laboratory have developed a preparation tetragidrogestrinon (THG) which were accepted by many sportsmen and which did not come to light on a dope - tests, for what athletes have nicknamed it chistjak . It is remarkable what to reveal a new dope it was possible only after Trevor Grem in revenge that in 2002 Merion Johns has dismissed it, were transferred by the sample pure Preparation in antidopingovuju service of the USA (USADA). As a result head BALCO Victor Kont has received four months of prison, and at once 13 American athletes have been disqualified.

now the Office of Public Prosecutor will try to prove that Trevor Grem and itself participated in dope distribution. At charge it is a lot of proofs, including certificates of the certain Anhelja Eredii acting in a role of the dealer dopingovyh of preparations: to it Grem sent the sportsmen coming behind a dope. Mister Grem says that anything similar was not. But Anhel Eredija is ready to give to court serious proofs. In particular, the data from the bank accounts. One of pay-sheets testifies that same Tim of Montgomery has listed Eredii $10 thousand not clearly for what. There are the pay-sheets convicting and other sportsmen. For example, the participant of a go-ahead national team of the USA on Games in Sydney where Americans have won gold Anthony Petigrju. Last, in turn, asserts that to its Anhelju Eredii has sent Trevor Grem. Itself accused already has let know that if him will drive into the corner, he is ready to tell, who else from operating sportsmen accepted a dope. Trevor Grem asserts that among them not only Americans, but also stars of the European sports. present, what will be reputation of sports of the USA if all some months prior to Olympic Games start in Beijing all it comes to light - has declared Trevor Grem.