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The modern art wholesale and retail

In the Central house of the artist on Crimean to a shaft there has passed the closed display of the international fair of the modern art art - Moscow arranged with club Quintessentially. The accredited galleries this year here became almost twice less, but almost twice it is more than well-known visitors.
Judging by that, how many known persons have flashed on closed exhibition opening - fairs, the Russian officials and businessmen know the price to the modern art. Visitors joyfully wandered between stands and every minute greeted. But consumer activity and an agiotage it was not felt. All who wanted, have got all in advance. Really, purchase for many intimate process, and it is difficult to make it, when each five minutes approach to you to press a hand.

While visitors conducted the easy secular conversations, known collector Pierre - Christian Broshe persistently and in detail told to the editor-in-chief of magazine Forbes Maxim Kashulinsky about work of Mikele Dzhangrande the Beach rescuer (a life buoy with a head of the lilac elephant calf). It is silicone on the present object, understand - mister Broshe spoke. During this moment the mister Kashulinsky, truth, looked on porolonovyh women of artist Sergey Shehovtsova. They bewitched.

TV presenter Xenia Sobchak was bewitched in general almost by all exhibits. She at each work spent some thoughtful minutes. Its girlfriend and the colleague on television shop Uljana Tsejtlina, on the contrary, flitted at once through some pictures and stopped only that have especially interested her. We will tell at the canvas which has been used up up and down by a phrase: it is necessary nothing For me . And then at work of the Indian artist Shilpy Gupty, laid out pebbles a phrase You will not steal my happiness .

biennials of the modern art Joseph Bakshtejn and the director of the Moscow house of a photo Olga Sviblova Kissed and rejoiced each other the commissioner Moscow. Some minutes are Literally showman Igor Vernik has stayed at an exhibition. But unexpectedly the first deputy of the governor of Chukotka Andrey Gorodilov was late. He all is engaged recently in region more actively and does not appear almost in capital. But the modern art so has weakened vitse - the governor that he even has drunk with friends of champagne. Has not managed, of course, and without the deserved judges of the modern art - the president of Alpha bank Peter Aven and the chairman of board of directors tselljulozno - paper industrial complex Volga Shalvy Breusa.

the general director of building holding " has very quickly flown with a pleased smile on the person; Glavstroj Arthur Markarjan. Impressive in the company galeristki Ajdan Salahovoj the owner of company Russian Land Shalva Chigirinsky considered an exposition. Some visitors approached to thank him for warm reception on a country house during building exhibition MIPIM and again admired the fine house and a garden in French riviera.

and how is your country house in Monaco? - the spouse of the owner " has taken an interest; the Independent newspaper Elena Remchukova at one more inhabitant of the French Riviera, the chairman of board of directors Vimm - the Bill - Dann David Jakobashvili. At all do not ask, builders took an advance payment for house reorganisation, have made not and have run away... Here I try to have legal proceedings with them - mister Jakobavshili has reported. As it is insulting - madam Remchukova has sympathised and was switched to the young friends. It she told story of the wedding without wedding rings. But now the husband decorates me, as a fur-tree - it has summed up. Really, jewelry during this moment on Elena Remchukovoj was not less, than on 32 carats.

in the meantime her spouse, the owner and the editor-in-chief the Independent newspaper Konstantin Remchukov constantly shot something with the digital camera. He has informed that will do itself now publications for the newspaper. Such unexpected for the editor-in-chief mister Remchukov explained behaviour to that has bought a technics miracle literally on the way to an exhibition and has not had time to play enough yet.

Konstantin Remchukova`s overall objective was in forcing somebody to writhe from visitors a physiognomy or to put out the tongue. On Friday in to the Independent newspaper really, there was a series of photos where under pictures of some lucky persons there was an unexpected signature: Installation. It is possible to look for $6,18 at an o`clock . After this history admirers of the modern art have concluded that mister Remchukov the big joker . More shipped in creativity process asserted that mister Remchukov - the conceptual artist and has carried out thus the action - performance.