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the Versatile company based in 1998 Ziej Bazhaevym (brother Musy Bazhaeva who was lost in 2000 in an air crash). The group posesses 55 % of petrocompany West Siberian Resourses working in Russia (WSR), to the extracting 2,5 million tons of oil a year and supervising Khabarovsk NPZ where it has been processed 3,2 million tons of oil, and 255 gas stations in the Far East. Also the group includes the airport of Khabarovsk, gold mining artel the Cupid three factories in Kirghizia - sugar and cotton. to an alliance 49 % in a joint venture Ukrainian c Shell which 150 gas stations operate belong. The company supervises 17 % Vladavia investment company the Alliance - the capital the Neva ceramic factory, a number of media actives, including the newspaper New news . In 2007 a cumulative gain of the actives entering in the Alliance in territory of Russia and the CIS countries, it is estimated by the company in 52,3 mlrd rbl. The net profit exceeds 2 mlrd rbl. of Reports on MSFO the Alliance does not prepare. Brothers of Muse and Mavlitu Bazhaevym posess accordingly 29,9 % and 23 % of Open Society Group the Alliance to their nephew Deni Bazhaevu - 29,9 %, 10 % - to management.