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Game rules

the observer of department of the consumer market ANNA Understands - RYABOV

Two years ago the alcoholic market began to be supervised by the Uniform state automated information system, in abbreviated form EGAIS. For a debut of new system had not time to prepare explanatory decisions (the majority of them left only after half a year), and branch work has been paralysed. In January, 2006 from - for absence of excise marks of the new sample vodka manufacture, and in July from - for idle software EGAIS - also import has stopped. Following the results of a year the volume of output in the alcoholic industry has fallen to 10 %.

Since then about EGAIS remembered basically thanks to that thought up system FGUP the Atlas passed from submission of one department to another. But recently I had a rare chance to write a note about new inevitable crisis: In my hands there was a report of meeting at the deputy minister of the finance Sergey Shatalov and the project of the governmental order developed on its results. In the explanatory note to the document its authors offer, for example, with a view of optimisation to enter in the documents used within the limits of EGAIS, the electronic digital signature. IT - experts say to me that poorly to itself represent, as it will be put into practice: in spite of the fact that the corresponding law on application of the digital signature is accepted, till now the technology has not gone to weights and as on it will work the huge market in capacity under $15 mlrd (one only vodka distilleries in the country under 300 pieces) to predict difficult.

besides it authors of the project suggest to lead uniform, used for excise marks, to an order of the account and delivery of federal special marks . That is, - importers explain, - it is necessary to the Russian manufacturers, as well as us, to report for each used mark, and it almost millions pages of monthly reports. How they, poor, will work, from them is that in volumes?

vodochniki too in the beginning were frightened. if how we understand all, it is the end, - summarised PR - the director of one large alcoholic company. - this document declarative character of many operations in EGAIS becomes the allowing: without the corresponding sanction of system we cannot to stir also a finger . But during dialogue with the experts who are engaged in entering of the data in EGAIS, it was found out that the branch lives for a long time already by such rules. the Ministry of Finance as a matter of fact has fixed existing norms, - the answer from one company has come. - the keys of enciphering used in EGAIS, - as a matter of fact the same digital signature, simply is called on - to another, and on marks we in the same way report: If though one mark from a series tears, the reporting interrupts also all begins anew . Differently, it was found out that EGAIS and so for a long time already has turned to allowing system: the answer from FNS on any inquiry will not come yet, the system even will not work.

and still it turns out that our manufacturers of alcohol already you will surprise with nothing. In the government only will think about optimisation and the market - that is optimised for a long time already. And it would be strange, having semi-annual experience within the limits of the nonexistent legislation, not to learn to play by any rules.