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In Berlin play Shakespeare

In Berlin proceeds Teatrtreffen - festival of the best performances of the German-speaking countries. Shakespearean pair in the poster have made Hamlet and the Storm two directors - Shtefana Puhera and Yana Bosse which are considered as opening of last seasons. From Berlin - the NOVEL - DOLZHANSKY.
the Most entertaining in Hamlet the Zurich drama theatre - a way of the organisation of space. Spectators sit along three walls of a huge hangar at long tables, and before everyone - on a metal plate, a mug and the device. About the fourth wall on an eminence there is a same table for the king and the queen. Suspended along all walls windows from a mirror foil have transformed the former shop, and nowadays the Berlin cultural centre Radialsistem - 5 where performance, in a smart palace hall was played. Spectators, thus, should feel visitors not that of commemoration for the old king, not that weddings new.

on an action course it is found out, however, that in performance of the director Yana Bosse is intended public also more essential role. actors have arrived! - actors on a playground announce, leading round a hand auditorium. Actually, and the main characters of tragedy are, so to say, natives of public: for the time being, will not come to submit yet time a remark, they sit among visitors . Reception, certainly, not the new. But here that the actors occupied in to the Mousetrap rekrutirovali from spectators (certainly, it is supernumeraries, but occurs all very easy), me it was not necessary to see.

By and large on it the list originalnostej (too rather conditional) Hamlet comes to an end. Ordinary-looking Klavdy, in a modern suit similar to the petty official and when it is bared to a belt turns in a malicious, vindictive phantom of the killed brother; pridurkovatye overages of Rozenkrants and Gildenstern; is self-satisfied hopping Polonium; tolstjachok in short panties Horatio defying the Swiss dialect, - each of these characters could enrich, probably, in other circumstances performance by any new sense. But the young director as whom in Germany today count in pervachah, prefers outer effects and tricks.

if something also deserves intreresa in Zurich Hamlet it is Hamlet Ioahima Mejerhofa. The anarchist, the joker and the proud cynic who turns to the murderer: not casually scene of murder of Polonium is solved sverhnaturalistichno, Hamlet sticks an axe into the head which has got confused in a cloth court, blood flows, and the prince is compelled to drag a blood-stained body on a scene. And not only in the murderer, but also in vlastoljubtsa: Hamlet autocratically crowns itself that though minute to stay the master, and this minute at last - that finds long-awaited harmony.

presence of other Shakespearean performance on Teatrtreffen tozhno it is possible to explain charisma of the actor, more truly, actresses Hildegard Shmal, which in Shakespearean to the Drill the glorified Munich theatre Kammershpile plays Prospero. And Prospero, blind on one eye (a lens in the form of a cataract on one of eyes frau Shmal is visible even from distant numbers). At a meeting with spectators after performance director Shtefan Puher has explained it as follows: prospero sees all through, it not banal blindness, and some kind of a videocamera granting to the wizard internal sight. But Prospero more count Drakuloj, than a wise man looks.

any magic in fairly reduced to the Drill it is not observed. The Munich performance - very entertaining sample outwardly modern, but rather irresponsible performance - a clip. It begins with amusing video on which the studio combined shootings of ship-wreck are embodied. The island Prospero, appears, at first is similar to a lobby of modern hotel, all new and new spaces then open - registration is made in the form of shutters turned round the central column, something like ogomnyh pages which can there - be looked through here. In general - that, the director and does - looks through beautifully executed pictures before the spectator, and on each turn is prepared any geg.

That Pek is in a suit of drags - kvin and Stefano will suit with Trinkulo the next circus number Miranda and Ferdinand leave all in spangles, is exact heroes of variety show. It is not enough logic, but explanations at Shtefvana Puhera are to all: it is a parody to that, it on se, and the deep philosophical sense here is put. German Shakespeare (and it is more in Germany put, apparently, only Chekhov) at festival Teatrtreffen has appeared in the cheerful pictures which authors more than all on light are afraid that as it will refuse right to be considered as intellectuals.