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About freon and an ozone layer. To the chemical concern DuPont which has become to the middle 1980 - h the largest manufacturer freonov, attacks to them very much were not pleasant. Therefore the company has spent for exposure ozonovo - freonovoj theories the huge sums. At the same time experts DuPont searched for a freon substitute. Have found. Have patented. Also began to lobby in every possible way prohibition freonov worldwide. Thus, not proved theory has allowed to earn well on alarmists. In the USA consumers have paid about $220 mlrd for refusal of the freon which role in ozone layer destruction is excessively exaggerated. The matter is that ozone gaps arise over tectonic breaks of earth crust. Carrying over of known ozone anomalies on a card of geological breaks shows almost full coincidence to areas of problem ozone layers of the Earth. Earth crust decontamination (loss of hydrogen and vodorodosoderzhashchih gases) destroys ozone. Planet gazit in 10 thousand times is stronger, than all aerosols, freonovye refrigerators and the chemical enterprises, together taken.

researches of a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. P.Kapitsy and other scientists have shown that ozone gaps arose on the Earth long before occurrence of chemical concerns. Holes appeared and tightened. The ozone layer istonchaetsja and utolshchaetsja is again a natural natural process. Degree of decontamination of earth crust depends on solar activity. There is the direct dependence proved scientifically. Unlike competently and favourably played freon problems same decided, as notorious a problem - 2000 ...

About spiteful carbonic gas. Carbonic gas is only one of approximately 30 making atmospheres. And the least harmful. And it is easier other giving in to calculation as it is formed basically at combustion of organic fuel. And influence on atmosphere should be estimated in a complex! For example, one molecule of methane causes greenhouse effect in 20 times more strongly, than one molecule CO2. Why to us impose opinion, what greenhouse effect it is malicious? Much more terribly and neobratimee consequences of a global cold snap!

and myths simply allow one to earn legends on others. The mankind has relaxed today. Behind the prolonged period of the decreased volcanic activity it is necessary to expect the period of its considerable activization. And the effect from kiotskih agreements and restrictions similar to them becomes an insignificant heat-spot on a huge body of a carbonic elephant. Quixote is a satire, as a matter of fact, if to reflect. There are enemies obvious, there is an invented danger. It is possible to pass, for example, a brisk highway, attentively studying an arrangement of heavenly bodies. And it is possible to look on the parties and to look at a working traffic light. What, in your opinion, more expediently?

By the way, similar far-fetched world problems it is a lot of. But it already another story altogether .

Igor Zaharov
a clear conscience Drink
Council of Federation N16 (248 28. 04. 2008