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Here there will be vertograd

a Company Helicopter port promises to entangle MKAD a network of helicopter platforms. It is necessary practically nothing - to beat out means from the state.

advisory council on it is state - to private partnership of Ministry of Transport has approved the project of development of regional aircraft in the Central federal district. According to it around MKAD it will be constructed four helicopter ports on 250 aircrafts and 12 helicopter platforms in outcomes on the ring. Building of the airport of regional aircraft and 18 helicopter stops with refuelling complexes along a projected Central ring highway in Moscow Region Besides, is supposed.

at a rough guess, on creation of such infrastructure it is required more than 29 mlrd rbl. That is remarkable, the project have offered the private companies, but the most part of means - 17,35 mlrd rbl. - they hope to extract from the state investment fund. According to Denis Lavrova, the general director of the company - the applicant Helicopter port the investors, ready to pay the remained expenses, are already found. Ambitious plans of helicopter pilots are included in the project of the federal target program of Ministry of Transport. And if Ministry of economic development and trade and the government approves assignment, building can be finished in 2012.

the logician of state bodies responsible for air flights which long time forbade private business to develop independently small aircraft and suddenly recommended to finance so scale project from the budget, causes bewilderment of experts. most likely, any group of companies with a strong lobby in Ministry of Transport tries to monopolise this segment of the market, - the editor-in-chief of agency Avia assumes. ru the Novel of Hussars. - Have built the beautiful strategic concept in which have converged both their interests, and interests of the officials trying under this business to tear out money from the budget .

In Moscow is already more than 350 private and corporate helicopters, and the infrastructure corresponding to this park is necessary. However hardly construction vertodromov round MKAD will move ahead so quickly as it would be desirable that for initiators of the project. To prove to officials from the government and Ministry of economic development and trade the social importance of undertaking it will be inconvenient. But even if to Ministry of Transport and to Helicopter port it will be possible, the state money will start to arrive not earlier than 2010. for now the state not begins to invest, I am afraid, and private traders of money will not give, - believes Hussars. - state investments is a guarantee of that the authorities will not change the mind and will not close the project .

However, according to the general director of agency Infomost Boris Rybaka to construct vertograd at desire it is possible and for a year: technologies necessary for it and the equipment are available. A problem in other: in Russia the allowing system of the organisation of air traffic at which each change of a route is required to be co-ordinated with the aviation authorities operates. To adjust flights, it is necessary not only to construct platforms, but also to break the accepted system.