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Physical lomka

Ready things are uninteresting. To unrecognizability to change a standard mass product not only outwardly, but also it is functional - here than are engaged burglars of gadgets .

In the Internet - shop Etsy it is possible to buy a ceramic vessel in the form of a skull, made certain umeltsem from Russia under anybody Ceramics. Here on virtual regiments such strange goods, as " are laid out; the generator of casual music for the $80, thought up by the Australian inventor, and soap - a kaleidoscope - creation of the American from Florida. The majority of these things - the factory goods transformed beyond recognition. Only in November of last year consumers have bought in Etsy any strangenesses on $4,3 million, and the shop turn grows on 40 % a month. In Soviet period samodelkiny made gimmicks in the conditions of deficiency. Today the invention reason - the commodity abundance forcing consumers to express of in manufacturing of things: made manually again in a fashion.

present samodelkiny are tomorrow`s large businessmen - explains business - the guru to Tim O`Rejli, the founder of magazine Make, the largest resource for makers (creators). Movement of makers is both site Etsy, and the Russian community komod from ikea in ZHZH. The trend has generated variety of the companies which help to burglars to create or alter the things which have been let out by large industrial manufacturers. Hacking had an analogue in the real world - breaking material subjects.

to break and build
Everything that is at me in apartment, is bought in IKEA, - the programmer Sergey Ahapkin tells. - Here it is a support under an aquarium it is made of a lunch table-top and boxes platjanogo a dresser . The furniture most part has cardinally changed not only appearance, but also appointment. That Sergey does for itself, fan IKEA from Sweden Patrick Almo has put on an industrial basis. Its company Parts of Sweden in large quantities makes vzlomy standard pieces of furniture: improves them, replaces usual details more interesting. from a rack it is possible to make a bar, of a chest - a rack for disks, - explains Almo. - Only you do not potter in garage with a saw, and order in us for the problem decision the same ready box what would choose in shop . Patrick scoops many ideas directly at consumers and even is ready to share incomes, redeeming at private persons especially successful vzlomy . Russia Parts of Sweden has not reached yet, though plans at Almo ambitious: it is going to open representations everywhere where there are shops IKEA.

While the Russian admirers of the Swedish furniture should be content with own alterations. To share the achievements it is possible, for example, in the community specially created for burglars dressers, - komod from ikea. Here users ZHZH discuss ideas concerning an ornament small trehsotrublevyh dressers from nekrashenoj wood.

true in trifles
the American company Solutions already more than 20 years search and sells khaki the most different things. A firm slogan: Products which do life easier . It collects everything that is capable to improve a life. Even such simple subject as with a spray - a spray as it has appeared, it is possible to make a bottle more conveniently. To get water to last drop even from a bottom of a bottle and to spray a liquid at any angle, even when the capacity is turned, is it is impossible at a usual design of a tube on which vessel contents get to a spray. Thanking Solutions it is possible to replace it on Spray - Right: the flexible tube with a special weighting compound on the end accepts any form as soon as a bottle incline. Force of an attraction moves a weighting compound - and capacity contents get to a spray. Insert Spray - Right will manage all in $4,95.

Since 1986 when Solutions has been created, its employees have found thousand such trifles and more considerable inventions. when we see something interesting, before to offer it to clients, ourselves all gather and we test a new product - we check, how much it is effective and whether justifies expectations - tells Emmi, one of sellers of the company in whom women work mainly. Agents of firm study hundreds various inventions and gadgets to select standing, is valid vzlomshchitskie . Ourselves daily face annoying trifles which spoil to us life, - tells Emmi. - Therefore we know, what exactly needs to be changed . Many housewives send the ideas found them breakings . If the product is tested, it is brought in the catalogue, arrives in the Internet - shop and on shop regiments in Nors - Konvej.

Burglars on a tree
Vsevolod Poltavtsev cracks computers, only not from within, and outside: in its workshop carry out modding. Completely having removed a cover, it replace on made of valuable breeds of a tree.

it is possible, of course, and to make a juice extractor wooden, whether only there is in it a sense and how much it is practical? Whether there will be it Sisyphean toil for the master? - Vsevolod, the founder of a workshop of cabinetmakers - restorers which spreads in Russia new representation that represents the computer argues. The beautiful trunk of an ebony in style ar nuvo appears the system block: Among elaborate details CD - a drive, USB - ports and all that is at a usual grey iron box with the processor inside is hidden. We transform the personal computer and various electronics into a home decoration, - tells Vsevolod, - they become high-grade elements of an office . On manufacturing of the complete set at the master leaves on the average two - three months, sometimes, at the decision especially challenges, to seven - eight months. the wooden computer nedeshev: there is it from 15 thousand euro, and the top limit is not present. Each model is created manually in the single copy. How much it probably technologically (after all the unit should also to work and not just to decorate a table), all wishes of the customer are observed: from style, whether it be with baroque or find fault - flew, and to breed of a tree. For three years of work creative masterful Poltavtseva has given out on - mountain of 16 complete sets of the personal computer, some phones and electronic photoframeworks. On the average we receive four - six orders in a year. Demand increases, but more we will not pull - for this purpose there are no masters - explains Vsevolod. As he said, popularity technicians from the past decorated by a tree, and in particular in style of a retro, constantly grows.

tuning for babies
to Transform a baby carriage - a cane in sportbajk, a roadster or a chopper - a problem which seems unreal. But at exhibition ABC Kids in California such supermobiles replacing carriages, it has appeared very much. it is not simple design change, - the representative of company Kid Kustoms tells Dzhejmi Koblenz. - We change idea. At will it is possible to make in a carriage the panel with the liquid crystal display and DVD - a player, dock - station for iPod and any others navorotami - an audiosystem or mini - the refrigerator . trehkolesniki Roddler from Kid Kustoms - exclusive: The client himself chooses colour of a frame, wings, a material of an upholstery and its tone put on a varnish drawing. There is such modernised carriage in style of a car 1950 - h more than $2 thousand, and depending on navorochennosti the equipment the price can reach to $5 thousand the Most part of our clients - known people for whom it not simply carriage, and an indicator of their status and the status of their child, - tells Koblenz. - Roddler in general it is difficult to name a carriage, it is children`s transport . Representative offices are scattered across all America, there are they in Europe and in Australia, and Kid Kustoms intend to extend further. Demand for children`s superpenalties grows, now we receive to ten inquiries in day. All it not industrial, but handwork so soon we should make lists of clients which will wait for the turn - tells Dzhejmi. Probably, if affairs go and further, the future mums will start to order Roddler during pregnancy.

in Russia burglars before full alteration of carriages in children`s transport yet do not send in addition, but demand for an individualization has already appeared. buying expensive car, people aspire to alter it under themselves: tuning, aerografija, new covers on sitting. Why not to make something similar with the first vehicle - a baby carriage? - Irina Agapov, the creator " argues ; Irina Agapovoj`s Fashionable house . Recently she has decided to add to the basic business - to tailoring of outer clothing with application of the patented system of drawing of images (the Council of Federation N13/ 2008 see ) - a direction of modernisation of carriages under the private order. Now Irina carries on negotiations with elite shops of children`s clothes that they offered clients exclusive alteration of a carriage. As it will be possible to put any image on a material, from the Sikstinsky Madonna to a photo of the baby, it turns out that people will be designers of the carriage and there will be it in the single copy, - tells Agapov. - are provided not only external changes. The special teflon covering will give to a cradle cover new characteristics: for grjaze - and a water-repellent fabric it will be easy to look after .

In spite of the fact that now the offer yet is up to the end worked also Irina only is going to leave with it on the market, as she said, already there are the people who have become interested a carriage from - kutjur in a private order. it is service for owners of expensive models because tailoring of a cover for a cradle will manage a minimum in 50 thousand rbl., - tells Agapov. - the people buying even expensive brand thing, want, that it was unique and their personal And even very expensive standard - it all the same identical .