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The desktop farm in stone jungle

for kitchen gardens in megacities is not present the Place, and bent for to the earth and the to vegetables is. House desktop farms to the aid come.

at first company AeroGrow did not aim to feed office ljud with just broken tomatoes directly on a workplace. The system of cultivation of plants thought up by it in extreme conditions should provide with a healthy food not from a tube astronauts, long time being in an orbit. But, according to the firm founder Michael Bissonette, now the invention is accessible to inhabitants of regions where it is almost impossible to be engaged in agriculture from - for a bad climate or improper soil, and to inhabitants of big cities. an extreme place for cultivation of plants there can be a house or office. In appearance the device reminds a small sun deck: In the bottom capacity, periodically irrigated plants are a nutritious solution, and the system lets to the owner know, when them, for example, it is necessary to water. Gauges without participation of the person define, the lamp which is hanging down from above, and if " how much strongly should shine; the planter forgets to take care of greens, the microprocessor regulates quantity of nutrient independently. There is such desktop kitchen garden of only $199.

For fans local meal (local food) pre-production model Local River is developed also: it is original mini - a farm combined with an aquarium. Below there is a tank for fishes and water plants. Thus, water is cleared, and, besides, in it various microcells and nutrients contain. On this the river the flasks made so that roots of plants from above fasten have been shipped in water. As founders of a complex consider, thanks to it it is possible not only to hold houses of fishes, but also to grow up fresh greens and small vegetables, for example tomatoes cherri. The novelty has been presented at exhibition Artists Space Gallery in New York but when it will appear in drawing rooms and on kitchens while it is not known.