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The writer from the big figure

On change to hack writers goes the computer. Thought up the automatic writer the American already became the author of hundreds thousand books.

it would Seem, what for the book without the author? Certainly, if a monkey forever to plant for the laptop, sooner or later it, probably, nastuchit something comprehended. But today wishing to receive the text it is not necessary neither a monkey, nor the person if on the laptop the program by Filipa M.Parker, professors of management INSEAD and " is established; the most prolific writer of a planet under version Amazon. com (under his name it is let out more than 200 thousand books).

Some years ago started missing scientist has written the computer program which accumulates all accessible information on the Internet on the set theme. By means of 70 computers and seven programmers the received file is processed and generalised in the book. To read such products it is uneasy: Exclusive in the text not to find, style at the author limps, and thoughts at times are expressed putano. However what writer is perfect? So Parker not kompleksuet when gets acquainted with critical responses of ingenuous readers about the works.

however, the audience most part is happy. Who else will write the Talmud under the name the Official directory of the patient on red eels in total for $25? Or a curiosity like The 2007 - 2012 Outlook for Tufted Washable Scatter Rugs, Bathmats and Sets That Measure 6 - Feet by 9 - Feet or Smaller in India ( the Review of prospects of washing rugs and rugs for bathrooms in the size from six to ten foots for 2007 - 2012 in India ) For $495? Circulations best sellers (usually it is medical directories) Parker are estimated in hundreds copies at norm in 10 - 12. But such malotonnazhnost it is put in business - model, after all the book copy is usually printed only at order reception. probably, only one person in the world will become interested in history of bathing rugs in India. But on this theme he will buy the book from me. And it costs nothing to me to hold the server with the prepared breadboard models while the program works over other plots - Parker speaks. Its company Icon Group International, according to the senior manager Amazon. com Kurta Bejdlera, very interesting and innovative kind of book publishing on demand .

the Professor - grafoman compares itself with Henry Ford. According to Parker, at the expense of automation of not creative functions of gathering and processing of the information the mankind can give now to more time to raised genres: poetry, the novel. However, it is fast at me and hands will reach the program for a writing of sonnets - he fairly warns.