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chereshnevyj wood has taken root at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre

In Michurinsk to a garden in territory of the All-Russia exhibition centre within the limits of festival chereshnevyj wood there has passed the action the Long-awaited voskresnik . Process of planting of trees and colours was staged by head Bosco di Ciliegi and the organizer of festival Michael Kusnirovich. In a monastery of the Soviet expocentre it looked so organically that visitors suggested it to take the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in management and to transform, at last, in garden city .
Visitors of festival grouped in a special zone on which approached excursion tramvajchiki and brought them to the Michurinsk garden where action should take place. While tramvajchik went on expocentre territory, parents tried to tell to children that for all Soviet people meant VDNH. Visitors inhaled smells of sweet cotton wool, chebureks and a shish kebab. Fine idea, and that after all when still prokatim children public transport - rejoiced the vice-president of board of financial corporation Opening Natalia Barshchevsky. Two sons, Alexander and Leonid were located On its fragile knees at once. recently the nurse has offered me prokatit children in the underground, - it continued. - and that, speaks, school will finish, and in the underground and will not go down . Well also what, you have agreed? - its neighbours on " have scaredly asked; a compartment . Certainly - the madam Barshchevsky has democratically answered.

As usual, at once to start process of landing of wood it has appeared it is impossible. At first visitors should pass process traditional Bosco - initsiatsii. At an input in koktejlnuju the zone (instead of aperitif submitted kvass, fat and apples) visitors was met by Michael Kusnirovich and the general director of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre Magomed Musaev in straw hats. Last year before landing by all distributed multi-coloured kerchiefs. This year - linen country shirts, straw hats and galoshes. They, by the way, were necessary most of all as many visitors have arrived in modelling footwear and on heels.

after visitors have changed clothes, to distinguish their one from another it became absolutely impossible. Though remained and nedoukomplektovannye - businessman Boris Teterevu and musician Valery Syutkin did not have not enough galoshes of their size. And late Olga Drozdovoj and Dmitry Pevtsovu at all did not have overalls; they have received hats from admirers of talent. In the meantime all participants of the action on planting of trees by a system have proceeded to a monument to the scientist - genetics to Ivan Michurin. Visitors have constructed in some numbers on the steps conducting to a monument, and have prepared for photographing. Michael Kusnirovich conducted process of photographing: the First row, two steps back, I consider... - he ordered in a megaphone. Fljarkovsky, ask Butman to play more silently, it is audible nothing, - mister Kusnirovich continued. - Where ex Dzeffirelli? Conduct it here and let`s rehearse. Into the account three all throw hats in air . The great Italian director who has arrived on a visit on festival chereshnevyj wood at first refused to go, wanted to observe process of shooting from a shop. To it it was valid uneasy: mister Dzeffirelli was driven under hands by two young assistants. But all - taki it have planted on a step directly at monument bottom, and on hands have given some small children.

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner was tired to train to throw a hat and has passed to the following part of the action - planting of trees. At last the epoch-making photo has been made, hats are started, and Magomed Musaev has thrown off from the tablet on a monument to Michurin a yellow cloth. The monument was old, but the tablet new - it and opened. Visitors were built in turn behind saplings.

the Vice-president of Alpha bank Alexander Gafin so dexterously bossed a shovel that seemed, was engaged in it for days on end. Did not concede to it and the party leader Civil force Michael Barshchevsky. The spouse of mister Gafina Irina observed of landing from sidewalk. The spouse of the mister Barshchevsky Olga Barkalova, on the contrary, took the most active part in landing, explaining to younger children of Masimu and Dashe how correctly to water saplings. With a landing problem actor Oleg Menshikov, the editor-in-chief of magazine Fashion Collection Marina Demchenko, the head of the legal company " have successfully consulted; the Alibi Vitaly Korzun, actor Dmitry Malikov with spouse Elena and daughter Stefaniej, the vice-president Three Dialogue Yury Kotler, the lawyer and TV presenter Pavel Astakhov. Not tired absolutely not, but very happy visitors have gone on picnic.

Boris Teterev free of charge advised friends concerning real estate purchase in Jurmala and told about how on last trip to Victoria falls in Zambia it was attacked by herd of mountain elephants which rushed in it sticks. Having gorged on the sweet cherries, many visitors have gone on attractions. Magomed Musaev especially approached has written on a piece of paper some treasured words: I Rule to pass on a roller coaster without turn .