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Party of a new stereotype

LDPR Congress in a past week-end has opened inner-party discussion about gradual transformation of Russia into parliamentary republic. Discussion is calculated on one and a half year. According to experts, mister Zhirinovsky has once again sounded another`s idea which actually study at higher level.
members of LDPR promised in advance that the main theme of their next congress become amendments to the Constitution . It is a question of gradual transition to parliamentary republic - party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in a congress lobby before its opening has declared.

Elena Afanaseva has told about an essence of the constitutional innovations to delegates the deputy of the State Duma. Basic offers, as she said, two. The first - the president is selected the State Duma, the second - the party of the majority and the coalition of parties having the majority in the State Duma, independently form the government, and the government bears political responsibility before the State Duma . About advantages of such system of board has told, truth, the leader in the report.

the mode of parliamentary republic is cheaper, easier and more safe - Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared. At a presidential mode, it explained, the destiny of the country depends on one person . Besides depends on health of this person " too much; which can reel under strong pressure rendered on the president electronic means information. All it as the leader of LDPR confirms, influences brains, at any moment at the person any processes " can begin;. The president, as well as now, the State Duma can select the same person no more than for two terms successively. But mister Zhirinovsky considers that a word successively it is necessary to exclude from the Constitution that one Russian could be the president no more than two times in life. The similar scheme of LDPR suggests to extend and to regional level: that the governor was selected by the parliamentary majority of regional Legislative Assemblies.

at the same time the party leader has underlined that speech does not go about transition to the parliamentary form of government in a year or two . To begin with he has suggested to spend inner-party discussion following the results of which it would be possible to offer concrete amendments to the Constitution. Discussion should be finished till the end of the next year, and the constitutional amendments to confirm on the following, XXII congress of LDPR, which will gather on December, 13th, 2009 to celebrate 20 - letie parties. And actually transition to parliamentary republic, under its forecast, will take place, can be, through ten or even twenty years .

In expert community on - to a miscellaneous estimate the fact that Vladimir Zhirinovsky has acted with reformatory theses. But to discuss an essence of theses refuse, as consider that the leader of LDPR by long-term tradition has only sounded another`s ideas . Mister Zhirinovsky as has declared the general director of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko, often use okolokremlevskie groupings as the person who starts feelers to receive with its help public opinion reaction. Proceeding from reaction, the Kremlin also accepts final decisions. So was in due time with integration of regions when seven federal districts created by Vladimir Putin almost have reproduced idea zhirinovtsev about nine provinces. Idea about cancellation of governor`s elections too to the first stated LDPR. And in last presidential campaign Vladimir Zhirinovsky, having postponed in advance prepared slogan well Russian - it is good all has suddenly started talking that is necessary for Russia it is more than democracy, it is more than freedom . And some time later Dmitry Medvedev has uttered unique while an aphorism: Freedom is better nesvobody .

In a past week-end has taken place next the developing attack undertaken by people from an environment of the present prime minister as mister Minchenko considers. It does not mean that the leader of LDPR has sounded the concept which is already accepted by the power to execution. But transition to parliamentary republic has already sounded as a variant of possible development of the country and in such kind it is started in a society which reaction and will be traced now by the power.

Actually the power does not consider parliamentary republic even as a variant of development of the country, Boris Makarenko is convinced zamgendirektora the Center of political technologies. Therefore mister Zhirinovsky, according to the expert, has only sounded such idea which, logically, should interest the present prime minister. After all from blagoraspolozhenija the main chief depends now and LDPR, at least its further representation in the State Duma. However, mister Makarenko does not exclude that in a society there will pass discussion about parliamentary republic. But not to replace the form of government, and for fastening of a present state of affairs when from will of the person occupying now an armchair of the prime minister, even the president is not free - and thus the government, the Duma majority, and also all successes on elections of party of this majority completely depend.