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Substation CHagino

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Electrosubstation N510 CHagino it is constructed in 1964. Belongs to Open Society the Main electronetwork company (it is allocated from Open Society structure Mosenergo ) . Is on jugo - east suburb of Moscow to the address: Chaginsky highway, 2. On substation the equipment 1958 and 1961 of release is established. CHagino is one of links of the Moscow power ring - chains high-voltage (500 kv) the substations located round Moscow. The basic function - to transform high-voltage pressure (500 kv) to lower (220 and 110 kv). Term of operation of substation has expired in 1997, but in 2003 on it planned out repairs have been carried. In May, 2005 on substation there was a major accident - explosion of out-of-date transformers which has led to electricity switching-off in five districts of Moscow, and also in the Moscow, Tula, Kaluga and Ryazan areas. Switching-off has mentioned 6 million persons, the damage was estimated in 0,6 - 1,7 mlrd rbl. In 2006 the substation has been modernised.