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Failure on a fish place

the Scheme of formation of the government Vladimir Putin has given the first failure. Six regional associations rybopromyshlennikov have directed references to the prime minister in which ask to keep till January, 2009 powers of Goskomrybolovstva which is transformed to agency at the Ministry of Agriculture. Without challenging principles of formation of an office, lobbyists of branch ascertain: without this step already declared by head Goskomrybolovstva Andrey Extreme one year ago reforms will be senseless.
six public associations of fishing branch have addressed with missives to the president and the chairman of the government with the request to suspend the presidential decree about State Committee liquidation on fishery with its transformation to federal agency. Letters have directed the All-Russia association rybohozjajstvennyh the enterprises, businessmen and exporters (VARPE), the Union rybopromyshlennikov the North, Association coastal rybopromyshlennikov and farms, the Russian trade union of workers of fish branch, the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia, Association rybohozjajstvennyh the enterprises of Primorski Krai. Negative reaction of lobbyists of branch has followed on the decree of president Dmitry Medvedev from May, 12th about change of structure of the government, providing transformation of the State committee on fishery to Federal agency on fishery.

in the missives to president Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister - to minister Vladimir Putin, the first vitse - to prime minister Victor Zubkov rybopromyshlenniki asks not to put them in a difficult situation at change of a bureaucratic control system that is at government reform. In their opinion, from - for the next reforming goskomrybolovstva timeliness and completeness of performance of commissions on an exit of branch from crisis which have been given by Vladimir Putin at State Council session in Astrakhan in August, 2007 is threatened.

fishermen have counted up that the control system of branch at federal level for last 15 years was reformed eight times, and the head of department changed ten times. So, in 1998 the State Committee on fishery as the independent federal body, liquidated in 2004 has been created. Then functions of Goskomrybolovstva was are transferred in the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal agency on fishery, Federal Agency of veterinary and fytosanitory supervision. At last, in September, 2007 the agency on fishery has again received the independent status and has been again transformed to the State Committee which was headed by Andrey Krajny (the head of the new created agency is not appointed yet).

Fishermen in the references ascertain: Today the former scheme of management operates with fish branch when functions of department of fishery at the Ministry of Agriculture and agencies accurately have not been defined, from - for what the decision of all questions was tightened . Today we have received again the old scheme of management of fish branch - ascertains the Union rybopromyshlennikov the North. And the chairman of Coordination council of workers of a fish economy of Russia Vyacheslav Zilanov explains transformation by that in structure of the government of Victor Zubkov worked only two State Committees - on youth and on fishery which are liquidated, however the youth committee became a part of again created Ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy. most likely, proceeding from a principle of uniformity of structure of the government the unique remained State Committee, on fishery, also has been transformed to Federal agency on fishery - he speaks.

In the letter to Vladimir Putin VARPE suggests to keep functions of Goskomrybolovstva a minimum till January, 20th, 2009 so that the committee could exercise administration of branch and continue preparation of documents in development of the law on fishery, and having finished work, to hand over powers to Federal agency on fishery. Among the main not complete affairs specified by fishermen work on investment of users with shares (quotas) on vylov water biological resources since January, 1st, 2009 for the ten years` period. Also decisions and other documents for realisation of measures on maintenance of the current and trade activity, accepted on the State Council are not co-ordinated. to us abundantly clear that if not to accept emergency measures forthcoming transformation of the enforcement authority responsible for a fish economy, will break salmon putinu in the Far East, as well as all trade season, and not only current year - warn in VARPE.

the Chief executive of Association coastal rybopromyshlennikov and farms of Murmansk area Michael Gotovchits puts forward more concrete claims: it is good, if the supervising functions transferred in due time territorial bassejnovomu to management by Goskomrybolovstva on Murmansk area, will remain. If they will be returned back by Rosselhoznadzoru, confusion " can begin; - he has declared RIA fishery News . Reorganization of Goskomrybolovstva has begun in consideration of documents on investment with shares forthcoming ten years. It would not turn out so that in a transition period power changes them have overshadowed - the general director of the Union rybopromyshlennikov the North Vasily Nikitin worries.

Andrey Krajny already after the declared reform of Goskomrybolovstva has declared next day that to it are not clear principles of new reform. Part of lobbyists of branch demand even bolshego, than end of the reforms planned by it. during less year it was possible to the State Committee stabilizovat a situation in fish branch. Committee liquidation will deprive again possibility branch effectively to carry out standard regulation of fishery - the president of Association rybohozjajstvennyh the enterprises of Russia George Martynov speaks. We will not be against agency only provided that State Committee undertakings will be continued - the general director of Murmansk trawling port Nikolay Karlin has declared hardly softer position. We will note, the formal continuity of functions of agency on fishery Goskomrybolovstvu does not solve problems: Dmitry Medvedev`s decree assumes that the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev will have the right to give to the agency head on fishery direct instructions and to cancel its decisions.

As a whole lobbyists do not believe that reform of Goskomrybolovstva from May, 12th had the thought over purposes, and explain it, more likely, not too successful application of the general principles of reform of the White house to concrete department. It is hardly fair: as new the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov state policy realisation in this area enters. However while any new introduction in this respect neither from Vladimir Putin, nor from Victor Zubkov, from Alexey Gordeyev did not arrive.