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the Quartet And has exorcised on - muzhski

Comic theatre the Quartet And Zueva based in a recreation centre, has let out performance Conversations of men of middle age on women, cinema and aluminium plugs directed by Sergey Petrejkova. Conversations about, boyish, were overheard by MARINA - SHIMADINA.
the Lie that in the man`s company it is accepted to speak exclusively about women. Muzhiks admit that for lack of second half stir about cars, computers, the politician, football, well and sometimes if speech comes, about women more often. But in new performance the Quartet And women are regarded as of paramount importance. Reasonings on man`s and female incorrectness, on mistresses from which so it is pleasant to come back home, to the wife, about why bad muzhiks love more than good, about curve female logic and other similar things occupy kind three hours.

Four actors, Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, Rostislav Hait and Kamil Larin, arrange on a scene natural malchishnik: set the table and under konjachok treat each other with stories from life and share become painful. Any Americas they thus do not open also especially original thoughts on a hackneyed question of war of floors do not give out. But it is to performance and it is not necessary - the more vitally, that is is more banal and is more typical, the situation, the is more probability that the spectator will laugh and will tell: About, precisely, and at me so was! on performance the Quartet it is possible to make a portrait of this spectator easily: the married man of years of forty, hardly growing bald and getting fat, but still quite anything to itself, business and successful which has supper at expensive restaurants, but secretly prefers a hen - a grill from the next tent, goes on fashionable films and exhibitions, but line in them does not understand.

the Modern art is a second global theme of performance which, maybe, occupies in it less time, than the first, but for actors, is felt, is sharper and burning. That Andy Warhol`s soups together with numerous black squares, dark blue circles and yellow triangles - at its finest profanation, think about themselves many but very few people dares to tell about it here so openly. In this performance participants the Quartet in general express in plain terms and act as ideological opponents of everyone kontseptualnosti and significances in art and, it is necessary to tell, very ridiculously it parody. Kamil Larin rather convincingly represents the certain passionate modern dance consisting of platitudes contemporary dance to which later actors easily attribute any maintenance - from throwings of lonely soul to the protest of dissident Andrey Saharova.

The art the Quartet Represents as healthy alternative to pathos tediousness which why - that so is loved by the critics, all time passing by recreation centres of Zueva where lodges the Quartet in Center Mejerholda on any festival of German theatre the Sight from a ceiling where the blind dwarf bites off to itself a hand and writes blood on a wall a word ekzistentsija . Over this joke journalists - that who did not look performances recent " laughed loudly already exclusively; the Gold mask such humour not to estimate. Probably, the spectator love and full notices at completely not cheap tickets cannot replace to actors of a recognition of colleagues and carried by by Masks do not allow to them to sleep easily. But to participants the Quartet the boldness has sufficed and mind to laugh and over the complexes of comedians on which all with pleasure drive friends and relatives, but nobody takes seriously.

Why, actually, these charming sketches executed in the spirit of stand - up comedy, cannot be considered as high-grade performance in difference, say, from Evgenie Grishkovtsa`s monologues which, apparently, is engaged the in the same - tells from a scene stories from life and shares the thoughts on that, on this? Components like same: memoirs on the childhood, realistic sketches with precisely noticed details, direct references to the spectator, only intonation another - not lyrically - nostalgic, and comic. To external signs performance the Quartet looks even teatralnee: stories not only are told, but also their four are partially played between actors, the blessing.

but scenes of performance and remain isolated episodes because they do not have the uniform core, no uniting constructive idea. There is no development of action more essential, than transition from snack to tea. And the main thing, does not suffice just that thought which does of soup in banks art - object, and from kitchen informal conversation - performance. But if authors did not put before themselves a most important task to give out on - mountain great theatrical product, it is possible to recognise their new work quite successful. Talently to fray three hours in succession - too art.