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The Georgian plan have betrayed to the coordination

the Context

In a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict, in Zugdidsky area of Georgia, there was a next incident to participation of the Georgian police and the Russian peacemakers. As have informed in a city administration of Zugdidi, on the night of Sunday 6 armored troop-carrier and 42 lorries with soldiers without the coordination with the Georgian party have proceeded on the bridge through the river Inguri and have entered into the city of Zugdidi . Under the version of local administration, the Russian soldiers a part from which were in an alcohol intoxication, rushed into houses of townsmen. In Zugdidi there was a road accident to participation of the car of peacemakers therefore one woman has got wounds. According to regional branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the Russian military man guilty of road accident, has been detained also to it accusation will be brought.

on a scene cars of patrol force and special troops which has disarmed the Russian military men have left. In local branch of police 16 Russian military men by whom were charged " have been delivered; a physical insult of local residents and hooliganism . In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia assert that as a result of the analysis spent in zugdidskoj kriminalisticheskoj of laboratory, it is incontestably established : the majority of them were drunk, and some were under the influence of drugs.

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has extended the message as which affirms that the chief of a staff of the Russian peacemakers Alexander Belov recognised and has confirmed results of analyses, has agreed that the detained peacemakers were drunk, were under the influence of narcotic substances .

However command of collective forces of the CIS on maintenance of peace (KSPM the CIS) in a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict has denied the version of the Georgian party and has accused her of a road accident performance. According to the assistant ordering KSPM the CIS lieutenant colonel Alexander Diordieva, in a southern safety zone of Zugdidsky area of Georgia planned rotation of technics KSPM the CIS on which carrying out command has notified the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Defence of Georgia still on May, 14th was spent. on Georgian to river bank Inguri to one of an armored troop-carrier of peacemakers have partitioned off road to 20 representatives of the Georgian power structures, some were in masks . To an armored troop-carrier, lieutenant colonel Diordiev has informed, has approached damaged white Volga and peacemakers have accused of road accident fulfilment. There and then there were journalists of a broadcasting company Rustavi - 2 which steels to remove an event. To peacemakers the physical strength has been applied, one sergeant have knocked an automatic machine butt on the head. But peacemakers have not given in on provocation the assistant to the commander has underlined. Several military men have taken away in branch of regional police, however examination has shown that peacemakers were absolutely sober, lieutenant colonel Diordiev has told. After on a scene there have arrived vice-commander KSPM, the chief of a southern safety zone colonel Vladimir Rogozin and representatives of mission of the United Nations on supervision in Georgia, the detained peacemakers have been released. Command KSPM the CIS has regarded night incident as provocation concerning the Russian peacemakers who despite of everything carry out assigned on them the function mandate, lieutenant colonel Diordiev has told.

, Tbilisi