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Maxim is ready to sell all toys that has sufficed on operation

Eight-year Maksimka Svetljakov from Varna dreams to go to school, but understands that there it becomes instant object of ridicules. The child is able to read and write, wants to study, but from - for the heavy diagnosis he hardly speaks and breathes through a plastic tube which sticks out of his neck. An exit in people — always heavy stress for Maxim, passers-by drill its sights, and children point a finger.

the Boy was born with a heavy pathology. In its gullet the aperture through which the meal failed in respiratory ways was formed. Doctors left Maxim, have made some operations and this problem have solved. But treatment has called other misfortune. At the poor thing it has appeared completely the trachea is blocked. To breathe it is independent it cannot. Therefore physicians have inserted a plastic tube into a throat.

Maxim is ready to sell all toys that has sufficed on operation.

With this traheostomoj Maxim lives all life, cannot is high-grade to play and communicate with contemporaries. In the Russian clinic to it tried to expand a trachea, but unsuccessfully. The organism of the child is exhausted by narcosises.

8 years the boy lives with a plastic tube in a throat.

— Recently we have raised all money what could, and have gone to Israel, — Maxim Svetlana`s mum, &mdash tells; there us have encouraged, have told that it is possible to perform plastic operation on a trachea and Maxim can breathe. But it to cost almost 30 thousand euros. For us this sum simply unreal. We were helped by German fund « Heart of the Child » — distances 8500 euros. Where to take the rest — mind I will not put. As - that Maxim has approached to me and has told: « Mum, give we will sell all my toys that has sufficed on operation ».

Seme Svetljakovyh is necessary 20 thousand euro. Still there is time to perform Maxim operation, he will have time to be restored and on September, 1st to go to school.

How to help Maxim.