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How to make Samara comfortable for life?

it is necessary to change something

Tell, a leah is enough at us in a city of polyclinics, kindergartens, squares? It, probably, the sore point. And about that all these objects doing comfortable everyday life, were in step-by-step availability from the house to dream and it is not necessary at all. Not many microdistricts in Samara are constructed by such principle in the Soviet years, for example, in street Sredne borders - Garden, Victories, Freedom, avenue of Kirov. And last decades in province dot building when the house or two were entered not only in existing quarters, but also in their already worn out municipal networks, and in a social infrastructure, and without that poor was conducted basically.

it is obvious that the situation should be changed. A question - as. To discuss this problem last week on « a round table » In the Samara provincial thought Vladimir Berezovsky, the vice-president of committee on building, housing and communal services and to transport of the Samara provincial thought Gennady Markin, heads of municipal authorities, the building companies and the self-adjustable organisations of region have gathered the deputy minister of building and housing and communal services of the Samara region.

to stimulate scale building

According to participants « a round table » to solve a problem it is possible in interaction of the authorities and builders. Municipal authorities alone cannot pull a lining of new networks, building of the necessary quantity of kindergartens, schools, polyclinics, arrangement of platforms - are too great amount of works and expenses. The building companies have for this purpose no enough means and the rights.

- Today the legislation limits builders that the company cannot erect anything to money of participants of share building, except habitation, - the chairman of board of directors of building corporation « has explained; Aviabarks » Vladimir Koshelev. -   that the region normally developed, it is necessary to pass from dot building to building of microdistricts with the developed infrastructure and all necessary for life.

Besides, the state guarantees are necessary for builders.

according to Gennady Markin, at federal level the law on support of building branch is already passed. There is a program is state - private partnership, but in it schemes of compensation of expenses of builders on objects which will pass subsequently to balance of municipality are not stipulated.

- the Decision of this problem we see in mechanism creation at which the builder on own or proceeds of credit creates objects of social value within the limits of complex building, and then municipalities redeem them, for example, by instalments, - Vladimir Koshelev has brought the offer. - thus, the building companies have a stimulus to attraction of credit resources and realisation of scale projects with the developed social infrastructure. It is obvious that the future - behind erection of such large microdistricts. And only at such approach to building a city and townspeople can receive predicted on the quality and characteristics of comfort result.

has put only behind legislative support in which the mechanism of interaction of builders with representatives of the power, including the scheme of compensation of expenses of builders on erection of socially significant objects will be accurately registered.

Efficiency of the scheme is checked up

Participants « a round table » have supported this initiative. And not only builders: they only are glad to work in a complex, creating the whole quarters and microdistricts, modern and convenient for life, so, claimed by buyers. That is especially important, the idea was countenanced by representatives regional and municipal authorities. From their readiness to work under this scheme that is to put in the budget of means for the repayment and then the maintenance of the future hospitals, schools and kindergartens, and depends, a leah to give life to this useful undertaking. And this readiness is. Moreover, there is also a positive example of such cooperation - new inhabited microdistrict « Abrupt keys » which the corporation « builds; Aviabarks ». In 2010, during erection of its first turn in which today already there live people, the regional authorities have found possibility to compensate to the builder of 29 million roubles on development of a municipal infrastructure. To build on a substantial scale and quickly with such support it is much easier. And this beginning only, after all in following turns of microdistrict kindergartens, shops and other objects of a social infrastructure are planned. Not without reason the project « Abrupt keys » became telling argument in performance of the governor of the Samara region Vladimir Artjakova at meeting with heads of the Russian regions about development of building branch.

Vladimir Koshelev`s offers were included into recommendations of participants of session « a round table » also are directed to the Samara provincial thought and the government of the Samara region. And the head « the Aviabark » was a part of working group on mechanism working out on development of a social and municipal infrastructure. Its experience and useful ideas, most likely, will be useful yet time.