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In Ingushetia the militia has detained oppositionist Magomeda Hazbieva

the Family of Ingush oppositionist Magomeda Hazbieva has declared its abduction.

According to his sister Hedy, people have rushed into a court yard of their house in shape have beaten Magomeda and have taken away with itself.

Officially the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RI while in any way does not make comments on a situation. However our source in the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs has told that nobody abducted Hazbieva. The militia has detained him for attempt of the organisation of mass riots. Check on this business is now spent. Together with it are detained 9 more person.

Today in Nazran spontaneous meeting where relatives of the stolen people have come has gathered. Eyewitnesses tell that gathered among which there was also Hazbiev, behaved aggressively. Law enforcement officers shot at air, trying to disperse holding a meeting. But people in reply to it have thrown militiamen stones. When employees of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs   Spent detention of Magomeda Hazbieva, that has shown to them resistance. According to some information, shot from a traumatic pistol which from it then at a search have withdrawn.

-   Hazbiev the person scandalous. It constantly suits provocative tricks, - has told « » the person well knowing the oppositionist. - more recently he has declared that him tried to poison in one of the Moscow cafes. And this time detention by employees of special services of certain Uzhohova became an occasion to meeting. However in republic constantly somebody detain, but anybody on barricades did not rush before.  

Our interlocutor considers that a trick of Hazbieva - the next self-advertisement.