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Vladimir Putin: it is not necessary to put Serbia and Libya on one board

to Meet Vladimir Putin to Chamber of Serbia many have come belgradtsy - with the Russian flags. In Serbia present putinomanija - it here adore. Putin - the honourable inhabitant of several Serbian cities, the honourable doctor of sciences of the Belgrad university, some years ago the book with the name « became the best seller; Putin: Mine bitka for Serbia ».

Putin has arrived to Belgrad in 12 - ju anniversary of a touch of the NATO on capital then still Yugoslavia. Beginning official negotiations with the president of Serbia Boris Tadichem, Putin has reminded that was in Belgrad 10 years ago and would like to see, how all has changed. By the way, in day of visit of Putin belgradtsam have made the day off. Because in Belgrad bridges through the river Sava, connecting a city are under repair, jams and as at Putin the big movings on a city - have decided not to create both to the visitor, and townspeople of problems are frequent.

Serbia, as it is known, actively marry off in the NATO. 85 % of Serbs against membership of their country in the Alliance.   but the main political problem, of course, Kosovo. From Serbia demand to recognise its independence. Not so long ago Hillari Clinton came to persuade.

a subject of economic negotiations - « the Southern stream » a new pipe from Russia to Europe. On « to the Southern stream » gas should go in 2015. Serbia very much waits this « a stream ».

During Putin`s visit at stadium of Belgrad passed a match of youthful soccer teams « TSrvena the Star » and Petersburg « Zenith ».

And also the prime minister in Belgrad has met bikers. Putin has got acquainted with them in Sevastopol, during motocross together with Moscow « Night wolves » devoted 65 - letiju Victories.

then in Sevastopol the Serbian bikers have handed over a premiere a bottle rakii. Putin has noticed that at the wheel it is impossible, but has promised later to accept together with Yanukovych.

the Serbian president Tadich day of visit of Putin has made in Belgrad the day off.
a photo: REJTER

the Press - Putin`s conference and Tadicha passed in a hall in Chamber of Serbia - residences of the higher authority of the country.

Putin have asked: Leah has drawn the world community conclusions after that attack to Serbia in connection with present events in Libya?

- I do not think that we should put Serbia and Libya on one board, but I am am disturbed by ease from which last years similar decisions are made, - Putin has responded.

the prime minister and the relation to the United Nations resolution about bespoletnom space over Libya has voiced.

- the decision to close the sky has been urged to prevent Kadafi to strike blows. The purpose noble, but that we see - blows on all territory of the country. How it is possible to take measures which threaten the peace population for protection of the peace population? - Has asked a question Putin.


« Those who is involved in tragedy, should pray for rescue of the soul »

On the eve of visit to Belgrad Vladimir Putin in Slovenia also on a press - conferences have asked that he thinks of bombardments in Libya. Here that he has responded:

- At us the president supervises over foreign policy, the president should formulate a country position, - Putin has told. - but all of us should think of the victims which quantity is increased and as a result civil war, and drawing of blows. All of us should think of it, but first of all - those who is involved in tragedy. They should pray for rescue of the soul.