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In honour of sacred Athanasius Kovrovsky the star

St. Athanasius was the contemporary of flight of Gagarin

the Official certificate on name assignment to a heavenly body to grammar-school boys the commander of group of cosmonauts, the Hero of Russia Yury Lonchakov and the prior of a temple Preobrazhenija Gospodnja in Star small town the abbot the Job have handed over specially arrived in Vladimir. Cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov has made three flights, having visited, including on the American shuttle, and having spent half a year at the international space station. The abbot the Job blesses today new flights of our cosmonauts, seeing off and meeting them on the earth.

- From last October at us the project « operates; Heavens » dated to 50 - letiju the first flight of the person in space, and on April, 12th it is already absolutely close, - has told « - Vladimir » the director of a grammar school protopope Alexey Golovchenko. - church and space the power opposed Long time each other but if heart is opened for God there is no border between church and temporal, scientific...

In the Palace of creativity young where visitors have shown a film about life of subjugators of space and answered numerous questions, have come not only orthodox grammar-school boys, but also children from other vladimirskiy schools. Large zodiac mia maid of the Scorpion in a grammar school have chosen specially that the child could find it in the sky even.

- Now we will go to Star small town, - father Alexey has told to us, - we will carry in a gift to a local temple an icon of prelate Athanasius with particles of the earth from places which, are connected with his life, there there will be also an earth from a place of  destruction of Gagarin near Kirzhach. For now we will arrange excursion in a planetarium that children could see a far star which bears now a name of their sacred fellow countryman in a telescope.

Large zodiac mia maid of the Scorpion in a grammar school have chosen specially that the child could find it in the sky even.

BY THE WAY: Yury Gagarin was not only kreshchenym, but also the believing person. Even before start, risking star career, it secretly baptised the daughter. And becoming already well-known at the big party meeting even asked to restore blown up Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

the FILE:

34 - summer Afanasi j Sugars has been appointed by a diocesan Kovrovsky, the vicar of the Vladimirskiy archdiocese in tragical 1921 for Orthodoxy, the next year he has been arrested. Next 30 years it has spent in camps and links, only the closing date of its conclusion on November, 9th, 1951 has terminated. Talented gimnopevets has made service « All Russian sacred » which is nowadays ministered everywhere, and even has managed to serve it in the vladimirskiy prison. lives diocesan Athanasius has spent Last years « for 101 - kilometre » in settlement Cockerels of Vladimir region, having died on October, 28th, 1962.