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Shrove opening has passed on « hurrah »!

At first to the people was a little. All wandered about tents with souvenirs but as soon as from a scene music was heard, have started to be tightened more close. And there very much even it was cheerful.

All interested persons could try the culinary skills and bake pancakes. All newly made fritters then participated in auction.

to Test as cooks have come not only mere mortals... Vyacheslav Butusov who has arrived on the concert today has baked already three pancakes! The first pancake from a star during auction has been sold for 1,5 thousand the roubles, the second — for 2 thousand roubles, and the third pancake performed by Vyacheslav Butusov for 8 thousand roubles known director Dmitry Meshiev has got. Thus the pancake was not simple, and with the autograph cooks which it has made a chocolate cream.

the Deputy of the Pskov regional Meeting, the general director of Joint-Stock Company the Car - Russia Alexey Sevastyanov has earned on pancakes on the All-Russia Shrove in Pskov almost 4 thousand roubles. The member of parliament has sold the first pancake for 500 roubles, the second — for 1 thousand 200 roubles.

All obtained money from from sale of pancakes money will be directed on building in Pskov   a temple of Belief, Hope, Ljubovi and mother of their Sofia.
it is concrete
on March, 4th - Day of the second   « Mother-in-law`s vecherki »
16:00 - the Exit of the main characters of the Grandfather - Skobarja and Pskov Maslyony, an interlude on a subject of day « Mother-in-law`s vecherki ».
16:20 - « Comic bylinas about serious pancakes » It is entertaining - game representation of folk theatre « JArkin the Cat » St.-Petersburg.
« Chastooshka fights » on a subject of day « the Mother-in-law yes the son-in-law it is impossible razjati » among folklore collectives - visitors of Pskov and pskovichej.
17:00 - I stage of the International Chastooshka Fights.
18:00 - II stage of the International Chastooshka Fights.
18:20 - Performance of folklore collective from Estonia. 18:50 - the final stage of the International Chastooshka Fights. 19:00 - family competition « the Mother-in-law yes the son-in-law it is impossible razjati ».
19:30 - « the Psaltery - a self-buzzing » - family competition of noise orchestras.
20:00 - program End.
« Vyacheslav Butusov too has baked a pancake on the Pskov Shrove! »