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Where and how much izhevchanam to spend May holiday?

May feasts not far off, also it is time to reflect seriously on that, as though you wanted to spend these days. To go on the nature, to roll about at home or to have a rest in club – variants not for all. Many townspeople aspire to escape these days more close to the sun and the sea. « suggests to get acquainted with rest special offers abroad.

- it is more favourable to buy a vacation package in advance, - Igor BULANOV, g eneralnyj the director of a group of companies « has told ; the Tourist » . – Now at all tour operators the system of early booking operates. The prices are thus much cheaper. For example, I would recommend to reserve tours on the beginning of May till April, 1st. After that the prices will grow on the average for 20 dollars for one vacation package. In May there will be a following jump. And is closer by the summer – rise in prices peak. There are people who now reserve tours for August. Also arrive quite right.

the vacation package Price in the same hotel can differ at different tour operators. Also can change every day. At early booking growth you will not concern. And you will not need to overpay a difference.

Also at early booking tourist agencies have a concept payment instalments: in the beginning you bring to 50 % of cost of a vacation package, and the next months pay the remained sum.    

Consider, if you want to take with yourselves the child, the vacation package on it will manage approximately in as much, how much and on the adult person.

It is compared popular Turkey to others вариантами*


One of the most accessible countries for izhevchan. It more often also choose for rest in the beginning of May. After closing of Egypt and Tunis Turkey became good alternative at cost of tours.

Cost on May feasts:

3* - from 20 thousand roubles for 8 days for two adults with a departure from Moscow;

4* - from 22 thousand roubles for 8 days for two adults with a departure from Kazan and Moscow;

5* - from 28 thousand roubles for 8 days for two adults with a departure from Moscow.


the Coast of Mediterranean sea involves many tourists. And though accessible this country you will not name, rest on coast of Greece costs much. Visa registration on one person costs about 70 euros, that is 2   900 roubles.

Cost on May feasts:

4* - from 45 thousand roubles for two adults for 10 days, it will be in addition necessary to pay the visa, therefore to expect hot deals there is no sense.


the Mediterranean beaches, architectural monuments, majestic mounts - all is Spain. It is possible to go to mounts or to luxuriate on a beach, fans of productive leisure can visit Ibiza and to dance there all night long. In May there it is not hot (about +25 degrees), but it is beautiful.

Cost on May feasts:

4* - from 49 thousand roubles for 10 days for two + visa registration.


Cyprus very often compare to Crimea. But level of hotels and hotter climate differs. Cedar woods, hills. The island in Mediterranean sea is very many-sided.

Cost on May feasts:

4* - about 42 thousand roubles for two for 10 days.


the Most exotic country which has got to our list. A variant for rest without children. Elephants, seafood, exotic beaches. Flight from Moscow – 10 hours.

Cost: from 49 thousand in 3* hotel for 7 days. Cost is specified in one person.

* the Prices for vacation packages can change under the tour operator decision. Cost is specified by data for March, 21st.

As most to learn cost of a vacation package and not to pay to agency for the order?

to Look at vacation package cost in other countries it is possible on sites of tour operators:
1. Pegas. http:// www. pegast. ru/
2. Tez tour. http:// www. teztour. com/
3. Coral   http:// www. coral. ru/
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