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The Ryazan officials have decided to follow an example with Perm and too remove doors from the offices

we Will remind, for officials the head of governmental body of the Perm edge Makar German in the beginning of March has written the initiator of idea of open space in the blog: « since April in all offices there are no doors. Cases (for papers or clothes) will be liquidated as a class. Personal printers will leave in a non-existence ». And already on March, 10th from its office and from a reception of governor Oleg Chirkunova workers have cleaned doors. The chairman of the government Valery Suhih (read details) became the following whom have left without doors.

And here the Ryazan officials have decided to support the colleagues. The head of working settlement October Mihajlovsky area of the Ryazan region Victor Korneyev became the first. About idea of the Perm officials to work without doors Victor Dmitrievich has learnt by radio.

– Leaders of one show have hooked on me: a pier, all officials – Idlers, bribe takers and embezzlers of public funds, – he tells. – and I have decided to call them. Has phoned at once. And they have started to urge on, ask me, a leah I am ready to remove a door in the office. Korneyev has agreed without deliberating, and has soon confirmed the consent and « « Come to any day, I will remove a door on your eyes! ». And we have gone to embody the historical moment – familiarising of the Ryazan region with a fashionable administrative trend.

the Ryazan official (on the right) has personally removed a door from the office.
a photo: Victor GRAKOV

Victor Korneyev on a post of chapter 2 years, and before was the chairman of the council of deputies. And to whom, as not to it, the nobility: behind a door from fellow countrymen not to hide.

the Settlement large (the population there are more than 6 thousand persons), means also problems much. And with them inhabitants October approach to head at any time.

– I local, all in settlement me for a long time know and with problems are converted on - svojski, – Victor Dmitrievich speaks. – Can and to call, tell at o`clock in the morning that water from the crane does not flow. At me even the drawing of business hours is not present – it is senseless. So a door I remove without any regrets.

Since Wednesday, on March, 16th, from the adoptive chapter October it is visible, than he is engaged. However, Korneyev recognises: Such availability will not solve real problems. Now here it is necessary to beat off poselkovuju hospital (it want « to optimise ») to solve problems of housing and communal services and it is a lot of that else.