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Invasion of stars: Crazy Horse, Patrick Fori and Ennio Morrikone

—razy Horse - the legendary Parisian cabaret stages the show in KZ « Space » till March, 8th.

dancers have arrived to Moscow for the first time for 60 years of existence of cabaret. They will show representation Forever Crazy. In show girls till 26 years, corresponding « act; to the gold standard » —razy Horse, thought up at the cabaret basis.

Ennio Morrikone - the author of several tens ingenious musical subjects to films - will act with the orchestra in « the Crocus of City the Hall » on March, 8th.

82 - the summer composer will personally conduct collective. The program is called « Music from films ». In it howl - dut the most known works of the Italian. Among them musical subjects from cult pictures « Once in America » « the Professional » « to Kill Bill » « 72 metres » « Once in the Wild West »...

Patrick Fori - one more world celebrity arriving with tours. The French actor of the Armenian origin will act at Variety theatre on March, 4th. Patrick recognised as the best executor of a role of Feba de Shatopera in a musical « Notre Dame de Paris » will sing songs from the album « the Man`s instinct ». Well also will please with a composition from the musical which has made with its world celebrity.

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