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Leah qualitative treatment paid should be obligatory?

Irina minina, the senior assistant administrator of regional government of Investigatory committee:

- For a long time already it is time to include in an insurance minimum all kinds of inspections of patients, including with use of modern technics. And that on a court yard for a long time 21 centuries, and medical attendance only worsens: people cannot pass high-grade inspection from - that it paid.

As to treatment then it is difficult to generalise, it is necessary to recognise that there are such operations — for example, transplantation of bodies, - which hardly can be free.

Alexander BUISTOV, the businessman from the Goose - Crystal:

- I am ready to give money, but only for qualitative service. On health to save senselessly. I want to come to polyclinic in which there are mad turns, no ragged walls, malicious doctors dissatisfied with the salary. I am ready to pay for service and quality of the service rendered to me.

When money demands in ragged municipal hospital, it calls indignation.

Evgenie YEROFEEV, the manager on marketing and advertising « the Autopath »

- My employer deducts percent from the salary in medical insurance fund, and this money where - that go... So why when once a year it is necessary for me it will be converted into hospital, I should pay or wait again? Let my medical insurance is saved on the bill supervised by me, and I will solve, where and when to spend this money.

Olga USPENSKY, the chief specialist - expert Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across Vladimir region:

- Then it becomes not clear, for what we pay taxes. I cry taxes that my children received free education that members of my family could receive worthy and qualitative medical services. If it is not present all, that, in my opinion, is lost respect for the state and its institutes.

Andrey MASLOV, the chief military - investigatory department on the Vladimirskiy garrison:

- it was free and bad in the Soviet union. However and now the price does not correspond to quality more often. On a broader scale I for golden mean when it is free — well, and platno — on a broader scale it is excellent. While more often in any way.

Vadim KUZMIN, the chairman of electoral committee of a city of Vladimir:

- On the one hand, health should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of incomes. But, on the other hand, if speech does not go about life or death in some branches medical services can quite be paid.

Ljuba, the visitor of a site

- Treatment should be qualitative and free. We pay taxes to the state, and its function - cares of us. On the other hand, if taxes have made more low, and public health services have bodily translated to a paid basis it would be much better. And that taxes we pay everything, and here we are ill - someone less often, and someone more often.