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Game Super - Intuition : a leah Will beat Okhlobystin psychics?

the program « Intuition » any more does not want to lose a prefix « super » and to give three million roubles in charge of mere mortals.

celebrities again will take part in a new season in game only. This time for the main prize stars of the most popular projects TNT - « will be overcome; Interns » « Real boys » and « Houses - 2 ». They will move To fight by commands - on three persons from the project. So, for « Interns » Ivan Okhlobystin (doctor Bykov), Alexander Ilyin (intern Lobanov) and Svetlana Permjakova (nurse Ljuba), for example, will play. In the first game on April, 1st we will see Alexander Ilyin who will try to win the maximum sum, having guessed all twelve strangers. For the serial physician have specially picked up the people connected by one subject - medicine. Among the people standing on a scene, were: The sports masseur, the donor of blood, the doctor « First aid » dermatovenerolog, the patient of the dietician, striptizersha (in a suit of the nurse), the folk healer, the person at whom was seven crises, and, certainly, the intern.

by the way, the main idea present « Super - Intuitions » - a leah can defeat reason paranormal abilities. Last year in show psychics have won (they have received two million roubles for three. - a comment red.) Therefore in a new season representatives « Interns » « Houses - 2 » and « Real boys » will try to bypass people with paranormal abilities. It is not known, a leah psychics during game include the gift to see, expect, have a presentiment or they are simply logical in the reasonings, after all from - that they communicate with a large quantity of people, they excellent psychologists and are able to estimate « on odezhke ».

Participants of a new season

« Interns »: Ivan Okhlobystin, Alexander Ilyin and Svetlana Permjakova.

« Real boys »: Nikolay Naumov, Anton Bogdanov and Vladimir Selivanov.

« the house - 2 »: Natalia Varvina, Evgenie Kuzin and Irina Agibalova.

In the ending one of the above-stated commands will battle to a national team « Fights of psychics » Presented by the winner 8 - go a season Alexey Pohabovym, the prize-winner 9 - go a season Nonnoj Hidirjan and the finalist 10 - go a season Tatyana Karahanovoj.


- As select strangers who should be guessed?

- We search for heroes of the program under a certain problem - the seaman is necessary, means, the seaman and will be, - the chief - the editor of the program « tells; Intuition » Ekaterina Inozemtseva. - However, sometimes to ourselves people with unusual types come, and we with pleasure include them in game.

- it is not believed that all your characters real. In many shows on television the employed actors represent the mushroom pickers, the deceived shareholders and dokto - a ditch...

- you know, at us real people participate, and winners receive real money. Therefore, when to us on a casting people come, we ask the documents confirming that this character - the doctor, and that was imprisoned. It can be an employment records, the diploma, results of competitions and etc. There are, of course, cases when we cannot test the hero independently.

- level IQ, for example?

- is not present, here - that just problems are not present. Here with the virgin is worse.

- you select such heroes to confuse participants?

- Just is not present. If you remember, the first characters on a broader scale very guessed. If it is the seaman it will have a peakless cap, if the employee of traffic police a staff, and etc. We do such obvious helps that the player has overcome prestarting stirring. We do not deceive. We do not put three girls in identical dresses. For example, the lawyer, the economist and « Ms. the Taiga ». If it « Ms. the Taiga » So it also leaves in a magnificent green dress. That is necessarily there will be costume details with which the arguing person will allocate. And here characters who guess more close to the ending, of course, the difficult. But we always set a riddle which can be solved.

- as though you for yourselves have formulated concept « intuition »?

- it is very simple, because I, as the editor and as the philologist, of words I think much. I search for their value. « Intore » is a Latin verb which designates « attentively to peer ». That is at first it is necessary to peer attentively and then there will come any inspiration.


Each command will play on 3 games. In each release to the green button can   to leave only one of three participants of the command. The remained two have the right to prompt. The purpose - to earn it is as much as possible money and to put them in bank. On a game of each game - 500 000 so, each Trinity for all games can earn 1 500 000 roubles. The command on which bill there will be a greatest quantity of money, acquires the right to battle in the ending to psychics. However, in selection tours this money virtual. In the ending all of them burn down, and game proceeds already on real three million roubles. However on hands the winner will receive the sum minus the tax which makes under the Russian laws of 35 percent.

« super - Intuition » on April, 2nd/ 16. 00, TNT