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Sergey Plotnikov unlike Kruchi - the father of three boys!

Stepan Krucha already the third teleseason does not allow to clear up to gangsters in Bitovsky area subordinated to it. Its incorruptibility, resoluteness and intractability became an occasion to a sonorous nickname of Volchara so Stepan Stepanovicha magnify bratki and their bosses. We have compared actor Sergey Plotnikova to its character.

in a serial: Stepan Krucha from - for sharply developed sense of justice happens is rigid. And not only with criminals. It too does not give to the subordinates descent.

- it was necessary to play not simply huge beefy muzhik. Such could not make the main thing that was required under the scenario, - to show the person who has a character which conquers not fists, and strength of mind. Krucha - fearless, strong-willed. In me not in that degree these qualities that could work as the chief of criminal investigation department are developed. I am much softer. Thus the hero should not call disgust, as the chief of criminal investigation department of Carps from « the Wood-grouse ». Therefore, when under the scenario my Krucha should put on a package a head of the criminal and extort thus data, I have refused to play it. Has told that I will go on such under one condition: Stepan will explain to workmates: « In it kulke holes as in reshete ». So has rescued honour of the hero, has not exposed Stepan Stepanovicha the swine.

it was difficult to play the chief. I in life did not have subordinates, I do not know, how it to be indignant that they are foolish or the instructions do not follow. But anything, has got used (laughs).

In a serial: Stepan Stepanovich is fond of east philosophy, reads verses hokku,   the bonsai looks after a Japanese tree and is engaged in aikido.

- my mum the trainer on track and field athletics, I the trainer and the master of sports on swimming. About hobbies and a hobby I will tell so. In the childhood at our place lived, an owl on a balcony, canaries, has flown casually as - that wavy popugajchik, I and to it began to be engaged. The cat constantly lived with us. My brother was fond of cultivation of small fishes... Then I have gone to army, have returned have entered high school, began to live in a hostel, then on demountable apartments. Living creatures I love, but now I do not presume to get. Wife Darina asks a kitty of a sphinx, but from us 9 - the monthly little son. Here on an old age of years I will buy the house, the earth and I will get living creatures.

for now from hobbies at the actor - cooking (Sergey Plotnikov admitted to us that so loves kulinarit that in a family to a plate does not admit anybody). And obligatory ezhevecherny sacramental - viewing before going to bed one series « Doctors of the House »: « It allows to clear a brain of thoughts and events of the passed day ».

In a serial: Stepan Krucha more often at dinner speaks to colleagues: « I eat rice, I drink green tea. I plan to become the vegetarian ».

- Looked the third part « the Cop » also has understood that it is necessary to grow thin. Did not eat some porridges, sugar, macaroni. On crude vegetables and meat has thrown off 10 kgs. 75 kgs - my present weight - me arrange now. Besides necessarily I go to sports hall that fat to burn, instead of muscles. I love a bar, and it and vegetarianism are not compatible.

in a serial: the Chief Bitovsky OVD a bachelor, is not present children. All time spends on work.

- I the father of three boys! To the senior of 19 years, an average 9. And younger, the Ear ring, on March, 15th it was executed nine months. The spouse promises me still a daughter necessarily. And not one.

and on a broader scale - that in the first part Kruchi had sister and the wife. But script writers have considered that so it too we will wound. And already the second season my hero one. Though where it is more interesting to look, when the person makes a compromise from - for the wife or the child. It aggravates a situation. Believe, in life there are no chiefs of a criminal investigation department without a family! Why people, and I including, with the great pleasure looked « the Wood-grouse »? Because there is bytovuha which decorates a serial. All of us we know that with gangsters Gluharev will finish. And as he will lead in a reality situation - here that interesting. However, to me promise that in the fifth season, probably, my Kruchi will have a woman.

« the cop in the law - 3 » since March, 23rd, Monday - Thursday/ 19. 30, NTV