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The Daghestani, having killed the colleague and having stayed for it two months, seemingly, already it has appeared on freedom

we Will remind, it happens in the summer of 2010 in hospital of settlement Pechenga of Murmansk area. Ordinary military unit of 08275 Esedulla Navruzbekov, differing impudence and contempt for people of not Caucasian nationality (according to characteristics on it), has got forward all behind food, parting forcibly others. Younger sergeant Artem Kharlamov, standing in a queue, has straightened out the ignoramus. And after Navruzbekov has called from a part of the fellow countrymen, and four together they have led Kharlamov on dismantlings. Further, according to indications of accomplices - fellow countrymen of Navruzbekova, Kharlamov has pushed Esedullu. In the answer the Daghestani, being the boxer, has pushed Kharlamov so that that has hit a head about a step of a ladder and has soon died.

Artem Kharlamov shortly before army

Then one of commanders of military unit major Agabekov has called parents killed and has informed that their son has slipped, has fallen and has died … But the consequence has established relative truth and has opened case. Then the Dagestan diaspora in Murmansk has developed rough work on « to an excuse » Navruzbekova from prison. To the killed Kharlamov`s parents (they live in Murmansk area) constantly kept ringing with any arrangements, offered money. But parents were not on sale. However the judge of Zaozersky garrison military court Tchernyshov V. V – Considering apologies of Navruzbekova and the petition of its fellow countrymen – has appointed to the murderer … 3,5 years of a standard regime penal colony. To serve time it should in Murmansk area, in settlement Murmashi.

In detail about this history it is possible to read on a site « » - « For murder of the soldier to the colleague - to the Daghestani of a distance only 3,5 years of a general regime »


in the Winter I has arrived to that hospital in Pechenge – to look at a step « deadly » for Kharlamov. But the chief of hospital has forbidden - with not clear fear for me. Tried to talk to commanders of a part where there was a murder – and they on it do not have permission! It would be desirable me to come to see and Navruzbekova which are serving time in a colony of settlement Murmashi near Murmansk. Again – it is impossible! More precisely to tell, the heads prison, has offered, what for - that, to write inquiries to Moscow in their central board?

Then I in article still hardly poyornichal about it: « Be I the person hypochondriac could assume that Navruzbekov sits any more in Murmashah, and where - that in Dagestan chajhane. And to the journalist specially offer tjagomotinu coordination that in this time denounced to deliver back and to change clothes for show... ».

and here mum of killed Artema &ndash calls to me; Elena Kharlamov, sobs in a tube. As to it have told – the murderer still on December, 17th, after two months otsidki near Murmansk, have sent to Makhachkala!

I Have called also to one of decent Murmansk inspectors, and he has confirmed to me it, having asked not to name his name.

Have taken away Navruzbekova under escort, or it has gone home independently – the inspector does not know it.

And if so why the heads prison took me for a ride, suggesting to write inquiries to Moscow if Navruzbekov has decreased to itself to Dagestan even long before my arrival?! Besides, it agree UK, it has the right to serve time in the homeland. Why to me have not dared to tell about it? Or it has not reached to Makhachkala prison?

And if has reached, a leah has accepted that its prison?

I can judge the Dagestan prison system according to one doctor who worked there. All prisons of the North Caucasus, the doctor spoke, should be transferred therefrom, wherefore there – continuous manufacture of false inquiries on the heavy diseases incompatible with otsidkoju of prisoners behind a lattice.

Why and in hospital in Pechenge, and in prison in Murmashah from this business mould almost the state secret? Yes because business - that very shameful! The villain read the burial service (judging by characteristics in criminal case) has killed decent (besides - characteristics) the Russian guy – the sportsman and the person, capable to stand for the honour. Which was not frightened to leave against a four, and has been killed. The murderer has stayed couple of months, and its further destiny to us is not known.

Perhaps, the colony management in Murmashah, at last, will educate us in this respect? And if I, the author, something here have bent because of your closeness, I will apologise.