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Elena Radevich hardly has not sunk on shootings

the Main heroine « Love and separation » Anna after the normal school termination comes back in native village. The house has burnt down, mum has died. That as - that to return to life, the girl dreaming of a family, the husband and children, accepts the offer on a marriage of local divisional Trehina. But on wedding it meets gipsy Lacho (it Cyril Pletnev plays) and learns true love... It would seem, quite fantastic plot. But, strangely enough, it has crossings with real lives of actors. For example, hot gipsy Lacho actor Cyril Pletnev has played. But during shootings it was found out that it has Gipsy roots. And Cyril perfectly goes by horses. All scenes he has played cinema itself, without doublers. And still we will see, how the actor will dance together with a Gipsy camp.

- there was also very unpleasant coincidence, - director Alexey Kozlov has told to us. - In some days after the beginning of shootings at actress Elena Radevich, played Anna, mum, as well as at its heroine in a serial has died. As a tribute of its memory in a film in a mourning framework we have placed just a portrait Aninoj of mum.

a film removed in village specially built for shootings near St.-Petersburg. In film village there are houses, a pond, a bath. On country paths sheep, geese, horses, hens who consist on balance of a movie company freely walk. On a plot Anna sinks in lake. Elena Radevich hardly has not sunk on - to the present. It was found out that the actress comes from Murmansk where it and to swim for a while - that plainly there was no place. But as a result to choke to Elena not distances, but scenes in a film have turned out very naturalistically...

« love and separation » on weekdays/ 21. 00, Russia - 1