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“ Policemen on TV screens will not get accustomed! While … “

Aπςθρς in Russia more than the actor, especially if he plays the militiaman. Successfully played role in a militian serial can provide for a long time to the actor national love. And how to be now when militia have officially transformed into police? And how the stars playing overseers of the law have reacted to it, and what on a broader scale this most popular telegenre - a militian serial now waits?

- I do not want anything to speak on this subject! - the executor of a role of inspector Gluhareva in a serial « has unexpectedly sharply declared; the Wood-grouse » Maxim AVERIN. - I the actor, not my business to discuss and make comments on laws!

is more garrulous there was Vladimir GUSEV, played inspector Zimin in a serial « GAI officers ». However, he is not assured of advantage of renaming.

- Perhaps, I the conservative, but consider that from change of places composed the sum will not change, - Gusev is assured. - name them though policemen, though handsome men … All depends on their internal professionalism, the relation to people, from education and culture. If former militiamen are policemen - will not change anything.

- and a leah soon there will be in our serials policemen?

- I Think, some will quickly grasp it. Though it is assured, militiamen long will stir still people and to remain heroes of films. It as with GAI officers! As though them named, they for ever for inhabitants GAI officers and remain.

to Vladimir Gusev (on the right) the GAI officer to be more comfortable, than the policeman.

Sergey SELIN which has become famous for a role of Dukalisa in « Streets of the broken lanterns » plays the guard in a serial « Foundry » and more optimistically estimates a situation.

- pleases that in the government and bodies there was at least a desire something to change, - the actor considers. - in sense of reform it is enclosed after all not only abbreviation change, but also a certain status and consciousness of people. It would be desirable to believe that the new broom will sweep on - new. I here at the airport saw such ohlamonov that and it would be desirable to cry: « Change it the form at least! » but to these, of course, to business you will not help. It is necessary to lead selection more carefully. Time is supposed reduction of the staff, means, salary increase is expected.

- and it as will be reflected in TV screens?

- Certainly, this innovation will mention also manufacture of serials. Here, for example, now on shootings of the fourth season « Foundry » we while in any way do not name employees: were militian division, now just in case simply special department earlier. But, it seems to me, policemen while precisely will not get accustomed on screens. Channels and producers, I think, will take a break, will look, as the innovation has gone to the people.

- think, the people police of signs?

- Never I will forget, as Volodja Konkin has told: « the Word « the militiaman » me heats more, than a word « the cop ». A leah will heat us a word « the policeman »? We will wait …