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Classical Berlin rulka Ajsbajn


1 pork rulka (about 1 kg)
1 average carrots
100 g a celery root
1 average bulb
3 zubchika garlic
2 bay leaves
1 ch. L. Peas of black pepper
a pinch of ground caraway seeds
2 butonchika carnations
1 items of l. Granulated sugar
1/ 2 glasses of dark beer


1. Rulku to wash up, a skin to clean a knife, to remove a bristle (if it is).

2. Carrots, a celery, an onion and garlic to clean, largely to cut.

3. To put rulku in a pan, to fill in with cold water, to finish to boiling and to remove foam. To salt on taste, to add korenja, garlic, a bay leaf, pepper, caraway seeds and a carnation to lower fire to weak and to cook about 2 hours.

4. To take out rulku from a broth, to lay out on protiven, to cover with a foil and to bake in an oven,
warmed up to 200 ° With, during 25 – 30 minutes. Sugar and beer to mix.

5. To remove a foil and to bake rulku about 20 minutes, everyone 3 – 4 minutes watering with a beer mix
with sugar for education of a ruddy crust. To submit to a table hot.


Rulku « Ajsbajn » it is recommended to submit with a stewed sourcrout and a boiled potato as a garnish.


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